Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Robbie Thomas & Rebecca (Stafford) Nichols - Setting the record straight

Tori Stafford's aunt, Rebecca (Stafford) Nichols, as I mentioned in a previous post, has written a letter in support of Robbie Thomas - a claimed psychic investigator/criminal profiler. The letter does not claim that Robbie helped solve the crime (he didn't and he's the liar, not her) but it also points to the truth in the case about Robbie's involvement (failed) in the case.

Tori Stafford was reported missing on April 8th of 2009. On April 17th, the London Free Press had an article about the Stafford family turning to "psychics". The article refers to Rebecca Stafford and her having met with a psychic (not the one listed in the article) on Wednesday, April 15th, 2009. At that Wednesday meeting the article says 'The main thing is just that affirmation that she is alive and well," the aunt said of the psychic's comments.'

Tori Stafford's abductors have since been arrested and her body has been located (not with the help of psychics). Investigators put her murder within a day or two of her abduction - even giving the worst(best?) case scenario, Tori was, unfortunately, murdered days before Robbie Thomas claimed that she was still alive.

Whether Rebecca Stafford wants to remember it differently or wants to support him for something other than his 'psychic ability' is for her to decide - she can't, however, change the facts. Robbie Thomas is NOT psychic - the evidence is there in black and white.


corunnaAtheist said...

From what I've read police believe that Tori Stafford was murdered within hours after her abduction.

sarniaskeptic said...

Yeah, the only thing I was able to get the police to admit was that it was within a day or two. I understand that certain things will not be officially disclosed until the cases are heard. I respect the work the police have to do and I'd rather not bother the police - Robbie Thomas and all the other claimed psychics waste enough of their time.

Either way, Robbie Thomas is not psychic. She was definitely not alive when he claimed she was.