Friday, February 19, 2010

Is Robbie Thomas a liar?

Here's Robbie (thanks to an anonymous comment on the previous blog entry) not merely suggesting that he was involved in the case - "The last case I solved was in 2007, we captured the murdered Cecil Eugene New in Louisville Kentucky":

Robbie, your solved cases counter still stands at 0.  Since that is the case, some might suggest you're lying.


Kyle said...

Yes! That's the answer to your question.

Anonymous said...

That picture of him really is misleading. He looks and sounds like the creepy old men your mom warned you about. It is interesting that a person can be so self-deluded that they would even dare say something like that for a TV show. Another blog I read said that they contacted the Louisville police and they said that he was not involved. The child's family would probably be furious.

Anonymous said...

The Louisville police were not working with, nor have ever worked with Psychic Robbie Thomas on *ANY* case.

Anyone can contact them and ask.

The mother has never heard of Robbie Thomas before, and claims never to have worked with him.

The fact is, Robbie Thomas *had* friends in Louisville and tried to use this high-profile child-abduction and murder case to further his fame and fortune.

I find it highly suspicious that Robbie Thomas states he has been hunting down criminals for the past 18 years, yet, before 2008, he never once refers to himself as a 1. Psychic Investigator or 2. Criminal Profiler.

His bios prior to 2008 do not mention anything more than him being a medium.

In 2008 he reinvented himself and with it attached himself to high-profile cases and with the help of irresponsible paranormal web site owners, blogtalk radio personalities, and the small-minded media the myth perpetuates.

One look at his sorry figure on the video compared to his publicity photo shows the mentality of this criminal.

sarniaskeptic said...

Anonymous: Thanks for the comments. From the emails I've received, Robbie has been taking advantage of families for at least a few years.

He probably didn't use the title "Psychic Investigator" but he was being a slimeball nonetheless.

I don't want to take away from the value that "0 solved cases in 18 years" truly has :)

Robbie's ticket sales improved, this past week, at the same rate that his successes have - 0 tickets sold (still only 31 tickets booked) in the past 7 days.