Monday, February 22, 2010

Robbie Thomas: Answer the Skeptics

It may seem that the attention on Robbie Thomas has been completely one-sided.  "What does Robbie say about your claims?" is a question I'm getting on a regular basis so, to be fair, I'm attempting to formally solicit a response from Robbie (and/or John, the tour organizer). 

I have sent them a friendly email asking for a list of cases that Robbie Thomas has been involved in.  In case "psychics" are not able to receive emails from me, I encourage you, too, to contact Robbie Thomas and John Ramses and let them know about the blog and encourage them to respond.

In case you haven't been reading my blog, Robbie Thomas is a self-proclaimed "Psychic Investigator" and (his claim) has been working with police in at least 4 countries to solve missing person and murder cases for 18 years.  Robbie Thomas is about to start a "tour" (two dates confirmed so far) across "North America" (More information at to explain his successes and "help" in unsolved cases in those areas.  

He claims that he was involved in the Tori Stafford case (The OPP say no psychic was involved) as well as the resolution of the Cezar Cano case - and ultimately the capture of the perpetrator (The Louisville KY Police claim he was not involved).  More information on both cases has been listed in previous blog postings:
Tori Stafford Case:

Cezar Cano Case:

If Robbie Thomas has "psychic" abilities (nobody in the world has proven that psychic abilities even exist), I will post updates - listing the cases that Robbie has been involved (and solved) and you'll see the Solved Cases Counter updated.  (Note: It currently stands at 0 solved cases in 18 years)

Update: I received an automated response from "Robbie Thomas Offices":

Thank you for contacting the offices of Robbie Thomas. Due to high volumes of mail we will be contacting you as soon as possible.

Once Again,

Thank You!

Ligia Picanco
Robbie Thomas Offices

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Robbie Thomas Offices


Anonymous said...

The auto responder with all the failed marketing sums him up pretty well. All hype, all lies.

Anonymous said...

Robbie says he has worked on the Trenton Duckett Case. His last known mention of this case was 2008:

Trenton Duckett is still missing.

Robbie claimed to be working with the police, however, the Leesburg Police, and other law enforcement agencies involved say they have never worked with Robbie.

During the past year (2008), Leesburg police received 1,400 tips about Trenton, who would be 3 years old -- if he still is alive. They classified 76 as coming from psychics. Detectives ran down a handful -- less than a half-dozen -- because they were so specific, Leesburg Maj. Steve Rockefeller said. For example, one tip put Trenton in a house on a specific street in Leesburg, and only a few houses line that street, he said. None of the tips from psychics yielded evidence.

Robbie claimed to work with the family. Here is what the father said about psychic help:

"We really don't put much faith into them," Josh Duckett, Trenton's father, said.

Duckett said he's been let down by too many psychic tips to be a believer.

"If they were seeing things, and they could tell what happened and where he's at, then obviously, he'd be home now, he wouldn't still be missing," Duckett said.

Anonymous said...

Robbie Thomas was to perform at the American Paranormal Conference of 2009 and do a cold case reading for the audience in regards to the April Tinsley case.

However, WANETV found out that Robbie Thomas was lying about his involvement. He said the police called him, which they stated was untrue. Robbie said that he worked with the family, and when the family was interviewed was found untrue.

The whole stunt was unraveled quickly and Rob Stone (also known as the Outlaw Ghost Hunter) publicly said he is canceling the conference based on the bad publicity and will sue the police department and or WANETV.

No lawsuit was filed. The conference was canceled and Robbie Thomas did not solve the case.

Rob Stone is stated as a long time friend of Robbie's and was quoted saying that Robbie's work with The White House, The Israelis, The Mossad, The CIA, FBI and Vatican are all top secret.

Anonymous said...

I still haven't received a reply from Robbie Thomas either.

For a complete media whore-Robbie Thomas-he seems to be in hiding

Anonymous said...


I just read the end of the last comment and I'm still laughing.

"Robbie's work with The White House, The Israelis, The Mossad, The CIA, FBI and Vatican"

The Pope-on-a-rope doesn't believe in psychics and I bet the white house would call on some canadian scumbag for help.