Thursday, February 4, 2010

Robbie Thomas Solved Cases Update

Solved Cases By Year
2010: 0
2009: 0
2008: 0
2007: 0
2006: 0
2005: 0
2004: 0
2003: 0
2002: 0
2001: 0
2000: 0
1999: 0
1998: 0
1997: 0
1996: 0
1995: 0
1994: 0
1993: 0

Total Solved Cases: 0
Yearly Average: 0

Last update: Feb 4, 2010 12:11:28 PM (EST)


Anonymous said...

I can do you better....

I can "predict" with certainty...(I am Psychic about it) That he will have a future annual success rate of Zero as well due to any psychic ability he may or may not have.....

Anonymous said...

You have to give it to Robbie for consistency.

Anonymous said...

my wife is a big fan of robbie thomas and were going to see his show in sarnia. she doesn't believe everything that psychics tell her but she does enjoy getting readings. what can i do to help her realize that none of it is real? i am always concnered that a psychic might tell her something that will make her want to change something big in her life and it will be too late for me to say something about psychics.

corunnaatheist said...

To anonymous,
You can only try to persuade your wife to understand that no one has psychic abilities. Psychics have about as much chance of getting something right as anybody else. They are only good at one thing, fooling the gullible.

Reality is reality. The future is uncertain and no one can predict anything by introspection.

Psychics are frauds and they are just out to scam you out of your hard earned money. Skip the show, take your wife to dinner and help her face reality.

Explain to her the James Randi One Million Dollar challenge which no psychic has ever passed the preliminary test because their abilities are no greater than chance itself.

sgerbic said...

Explain cold reading to her. Try to read a stranger and your wife might understand how it works. Watch a psychic on TV and write down EVERYTHING they say. When it is in front of you in black and white you can't argue at how vague and general the statements are.