Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Robbie's Latest Marketing Materials - And you thought he couldn't be a bigger slimeball?

As Robbie, personally, had sent this poster to a number of people, I thought it only appropriate that I send a friendly email to the list.  Here is what I sent:

Good afternoon to you!
I thought I'd send a follow-up to Robbie's email about the upcoming Psychic Justice Tour. I know it is less than one week away and that tickets aren't selling well (about 31 so far) so we need to rally the troops to get more people to attend.

In case you're not familiar with who I am, I'm a staunch follower of Robbie Thomas and I've worked, tirelessly, to get Robbie's name out there - until people really get to experience Robbie Thomas, they don't know what they're missing.

I've put together some great links for you and your friends to view - I encourage you to pass them along and, hopefully, we can get more people out to the Psychic Justice Tour events.

We all know that Robbie has been involved in a great number of murder and missing person investigations but unfortunately most families won't come forward to even admit that Robbie was involved in their case - here's a letter, directly from the family of a young girl who was found murdered - http://bit.ly/aShBSF

For those who aren't aware, Robbie Thomas' most famous case is possibly the Cezar/Caesar Cano case (Robbie was even featured on TV!). Since the case involved the abduction and murder of a young boy, it is a touching story. Luckily Robbie's work hasn't gone unrecognized - a local investigator has pulled together the truth about the case - Robbie should be proud! http://bit.ly/axgKN9

Robbie has been involved in Psychic Investigations for over 18 years - and, being a rather humble person, tries his best to simply provide assistance and move on. Luckily, for Robbie, other psychics are willing to help promote him and offer him their unfailing support. World renowned psychic Mark Edward shows Robbie substantial respect and, finally, reveals Robbie and his wonderful contributions - http://bit.ly/cY7lWE

I realize that some of what I have passed along might not be in line with your opinion of the wonderful Robbie Thomas and I apologize for that. I apologize, however, with a level of sincerity that Robbie Thomas has failed to show the countless victims of his actions. Robbie Thomas is a psychic predator. You have received this email because Robbie continues to cross the line and the poster that Robbie sent in his last email to all of us was beyond reproach. We can, no longer, sit idly by - Robbie Thomas must be stopped.

Your friend always,
Sarnia Skeptic

Surprisingly (or maybe not?), not everyone on the email list was sympathetic to Robbie.  I received a number of responses from people - many thanking me for the information and some who wished me luck in my mission! 

One response, however, by an unnamed person, was not so nice.  Apparently it doesn't matter how true something is, if I'm not willing to put my picture and name up on my blog, I'm "just a scared wimp who is probably forging blogs and e mails from (my) grandmothers basement".  Unfortunately, both of my grandmothers are dead - I guess the levels of sympathy and intelligence in Robbie's "circle" aren't very high.

I like unnamed person, though.  Not only because she was willing to respond with such kind words but because she is a paranormal investigator herself, who runs a $2.99/minute "paranormal investigator/reader" phone service.  Thankfully unnamed person didn't recently write on another discussion forum anything like "making any kind of income in Canada .... as a non resident visitor which i am .... is a FELONY according to immigration. Do you really think I'm going to do something that STUPID to jeopardize being kicked out of Canada and being homeless?" (http://tspforum.tickie.net/index.php?topic=873.msg7600#msg7600) (Note: unnamed person claims to be on a disability pension from the USAF and now lives in Canada.)

As unnamed person suggested, I am going to "Go back to playing World of Warcraft where (my) screen name may mean something..." mind you, the other option was "or grow a set of balls and we can talk."  For $2.99/minute, I bet she'd love to talk.

(Note: unnamed person threatened to call the police if I didn't remove her name from my blog.  Since I think her and her psychic friends (pronounced "frauds") have wasted enough police time, I decided to remove her name.  And since all the quotes are now "anonymous", you can just assume it is all made up (it isn't).)


Anonymous said...

I received your email yesterday but I am not sure why you emailed me. I know who Robbie is but I don't know how you got my email. I definitely had not done any research into what he claims and this was really eyeopening for me. For as long as I have known Robbie he has never told me that he was a psychic investigator but that he did psychic readings and writes movies and acts. Until now I had no idea that he has worked with police or any of that. If what you are putting online is true then I am ashamed of him. This isn't a nice thing to do to the families.

sarniaskeptic said...

I sent the email to people who had been on the recipient list of Robbie's original email.

It appears as though my email might have sparked some ticket sales - Robbie sold 3 more tickets this week!

I hope the number of skeptics that are going to be at Robbie's show don't outnumber those who sympathize with Robbie.

We'd be much better off if the "show" that the skeptics have planned is for a wider audience than just the 30 or so that have bought tickets already (especially considering some of those tickets are for the skeptics themselves).

I hope someone records what happens :)

(Just a reminder to the skeptics who are buying tickets - buy them in someone else's name or have someone else buy them for you. Psychics often use box office information for "cold readings", etc.)

Shawn & Linda said...

Did you notice that you posted your article at 12:34 (1 2 3 4)?

I think you don't like psychics because you're confused by your own psychic skills.

Okay that's bullshit. Psychics don't exist. Wouldn't it be nice if people who claimed they were psychics ceased to exist too? I'm just sayin'.

It is nice to see that my old hometown of Sarnia has a bit of scepticism in it. Go Bees Go! I sure do miss going down to the barn to watch the ol' hockey game.

I'll have to "stop in" here when I get a chance. Keep fightin' the good fight.

Anonymous said...

Psychic Robbie Thomas - why do you have pictures of murdered children around you? The poster exploits these young lives, and their families and you are sick man, Robbie Thomas.

And also, why do you have photos of children who ARE STILL MISSING?

And why do you have photos of people who's families asked you NOT TO USE.

In fact, most of those children's cases you were not involved in. If anyone wants - ask the police officers involved.

Psychic Robbie Thomas is a liar and a scam artist. He is a fraud, and a predator.

Anonymous said...

Carrie Peirce, self proclaimed psychic of the Meadowvale Spookies does not have a solid reputation either.

Looks like she was scamming The Make a Wish Foundation charity claiming that "all proceeds" will go to the charity and then changing her tune and saying "left over funds (from beer and food)" will be donated.

That's misrepresentation and fraud isn't it?

But wait, she is sharing the sheets with Robbie Thomas, another fraud.

Anonymous said...

This is horrible
I found your site because I decided to follow people from sarnia
I remember seeing this guy in the observer talking about his involvement in solving cases and he was talking about cases that still hadnt been solved
He sure shouldnt be putting pictures of dead people on his poster
And I use to think that psychics were for just fun and entertaining

Anonymous said...

sarniaskeptic you need to update your site because Rob has sold 5 more tickets to the show in Sarnia
That makes it 36 people including the two that I just bought. My wife believes in psychics and she is wondering why I'm interested in going with her this time. You are my hero. I'm not putting my name on this one because my wife wouldn't be happy if she knew that I had an idea of what was going to happen.

sarniaskeptic said...

Wholly crappity crap crap crap. Where are all you people coming from?

I updated the entry and when I started there were only 5 comments, and now there are 8 (9 with mine?).

Yeah, it does look like there are 36 tickets booked. Anonymous since you're going, please contact me @ sarniaskeptic@gmail.com.

When I had sent the email yesterday the number still stood at 31 - I don't see much value in updating the site with every odd ticket that is sold. I'll update the site when he has sold two full rows!!

I'm much more vigilant with updates to the Robbie Thomas Solved Cases Counter which, by the way, still stands at 0 (zero)(zilch)(nil).

Anonymous (regarding psychics being just for entertainment) - take a look through my blogs, I deal with that exact issue. It's a shame that we have to - we're not talking about fun and games, people have been murdered or kidnapped and psychics are taking advantage of the families. It is horrible - you are right.

Anonymous said...

SarniaSkeptic, why are you afraid of being sued by the slimecunt of the Carrie L. Pierce kind?

You can not be sued for telling the truth! Her name is in cache stored elsewhere on the web.

Anonymous said...

Carrie L. Pierce
Carrie L. Pierce
Carrie L. Pierce
Carrie L. Pierce
Carrie L. Pierce
call for $2.99/minute for BS

Anonymous said...

WTF? Why are we paying for Carrie L. Pierce to have health care up here in Canada when she is only visiting? WTF!!!!! Disability pension from the USA and living freely on our healthcare system! Go back where you came from Carrie L. Pierce A.K.A Unknown person and Northern Valkyrie. FU

Anonymous said...


Is this the unknown person's picture?

Anonymous said...

Carrie Peirce, the one with no name, who thinks she is in "Law School" and sucking on the Canadian welfare tit states here she has the gift of clairvoyance and empathy.

Check out how empathetic she was to obliviously someone who is hurt:


And the second comment is absolutely correct. Robbie Thomas has tried to align himself up with charities (just like Carrie Peirce) to try to gain respect.

No charity is aligned with Robbie Thomas. I have screen shots of his web page before and after the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children asked for him to remove all references.

I also know there are other charities he is banned from using.

He's a tick and so is this Carrie Pierce.

Anonymous said...

Is that Carrie's picture? Is she taking a picture of herself while taking a dump?

sarniaskeptic said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA - I have to agree with the comment about the picture looking like that girl is sitting on the toilet.

What makes it really funny is that it appears that she posted that picture herself on her site to advertise "not only am I a clairvoyant but, boy, can I crap".

Anonymous said...

Or maybe to suggest that she isn't full of crap because she just dumped it out! LOL.

Can we post that image of her on here? Maybe your next blog posting then?

Anonymous said...

Kinda combined post with some about this one and some the previous entry.

If I was Carrie L. Pierce of the Meadowvale Spookies, I'd be kind of pissed that people are finding out that I'm a liar and a fraud myself.

In case you're wondering, Robbie isn't ashamed of that poster, he is using it as his facebook image. I happen to be a "friend" of Robbie on facebook but I think it is available for others to see.

John Ramses (another tool) also included the Caughlin family in the promotional video that he made for the tour. It is available on YouTube still.

I will stay a friend of Robbie's and report more as it comes up.

I have emailed sarniaskeptic@gmail.com a copy of the picture from the video and a link to the video.

Anonymous said...

That Carrie looks kind of hot with that reddish brown hair. She could use a good fracken!

Anonymous said...

I have been following this Robbie Thomas thing off and on for a while now and it has occured to me that, as obvious as it is that he is a fraud, and that his antics are dispicable, there has yet to be any sort of legal action set into motion.

Can he really do this and get away with it?

It's entertaining to listen to the insults that are heaped on him and his motley crew of scumbags, but, in the end, it doesn't accomplish anything.

Its nothing but schoolyard gang bravado.

Are there no legal channels of reporting them?

This blog is a great way to bring him to everyones attention, but surely there is a more permanent solution to his continued existence of a con-artist?

Anonymous said...

I don't know Robbie but I know Carrie. I Told her this may be a bad idea from the get go, but here is the reasoning behind it all. I really want to lay out some facts here for you people:

1- Robbie was a guest speaker at her Halloween Event For Make a Wish. He didn't charge anything for his appearance. December came, he sweet talked her into helping with psychic justice as a repayment for the Halloween Event. I think the only thing he required from her at the time of the Halloween event was a hotel room which cost about what? 80.00 in Hamilton?

2- Carrie didn't scam Make a Wish or anyone. Make a Wish had full control and accountability over every single cent that was used and turned over. Carrie went out of pocket for a lot of things that the event needed. They want her to do the event again for October 2010.

3- There is no sucking of welfare or anything by Carrie. Any time she needs to see a doctor she needs to truck it down to Buffalo to the VA hospital. I know this for a fact as plans of ours have had to frequently be rescheduled due to her visits down there. By the way she attends school online for legal studies through an American college. I think that's pretty commendable considering she's not working here illegally... She's not even on welfare here. She's not even qualified for it. Whatever she does online through her tarot stuff is through the USA and it's not much and has her veteran's allowance. I can promise you that. I know this because otherwise she wouldn't have the living situation she does.

She got used and sucked in just like the Mc Master family and all the other victims families Robbie manipulated. In regards to the "kick your ass" person and everones comments ... please. Carrie is a bit more articulate than that. She's told me just about everything after the Ramses press release and I fully believe that this is another case of Robbie manipulating and using people to his advantage and the angle that the other families being "read" for for the tour were in full support of it, and that Kathy Caughlin was the only one who had a problem with it other than the skeptics and the haters here. She's been in contact with some of the families that Robbie was "working" for and they seemed fully supportive of the tour AT THE TIME. Now ... things look drastically different and I'm sure that Carrie's opinion of the whole thing has changed AND hopefully the other families of murdered children see him for what he is and won't get used and lied to just like everyone else that supported him.