Monday, March 29, 2010

Would the real Thom Klaasen please stand up?

Thanks to a blog comment, we (myself and the 1 person who reads my blog) were pointed to a website that claims Robbie was threatened with bodily harm by someone.  Following is the main part of the "article" - I've included a link at the bottom in case you want read the whole thing.

John Ramses of Ghost Radio Australia who represents the Ontario psychic said in a press release that following Thomas’ first interview with a local newspaper, “a hate group led by a certain individual named Thom Klaasen began posting defaming statements and threats to Robbie Thomas.”

And the threats are serious ones.

“The threats were to inflict bodily harm and to ensure his premier event was disrupped to the point of failure.”

The same intimidating messages were emailed directly to Thomas and there have also been a number of phone calls to his home.

“Robbie has been quite upset and frightened. I ordered him not to engage them in any form. But the silence from Robbie seemed to aggravate them only more…” Ramses called the purpetrators “mischievous, stupid, violent skeptics” as well as an“illiterate and inarticulate bunch of thugs and cowards.”

The emails that I received (thanks to that link) were astounding - from claims that I was the person threatening physical violence to people suggesting they are going to "out" me by revealing my real name.  Since there are a number of people who know who I actually am, it was surprising that none of the people sending the emails gave anything but the wrong name (Thom Klaasen).

Of all the people who have contacted me, that I've met and that are participants in any of my* related hate groups, Thom Klaasen is not one of them - his name hasn't ever been mentioned, until now.

I did some searching on "Thom Klaasen" and, it appears, that this person may not even exist (like psychic abilities, ghosts, alien abductions, and chiropractic subluxations, it's probably just made up).  Other than the reference in the "Hamilton Paranormal Examiner", Thom Klaasen's name doesn't appear (never in relation to "Robbie Thomas").  I have also found no "defaming" statements about Robbie Thomas.  (If you find some, email me at

Whether or not the "Thom Klaasen" person exists, I have never threatened physical violence to anyone other than my brother (something along the lines of "paybacks are a bitch, I'm going to beat your ass when I grow up" - unfortunately he never really stopped growing and he's still twice my size.).  I'm also doubtful that anyone else ever threatened Robbie with violence as well. 

Any emails that I have sent Robbie Thomas have been friendly and cordial - though sometimes people mistake polite tone for something else when their core beliefs are questioned.  At no point (in an email or otherwise) have I threatened Robbie with anything resembling violence (I did threaten to talk to a ghost and have the ghost pee in Robbie's cornflakes but it turns out that Robbie doesn't eat cornflakes - oh, and that ghosts don't exist.)

John Ramses and Robbie Thomas were likely trying to put out "seeds" to explain the poor attendance of his initial and future shows.  As it turns out, fewer than 40 people attended the first show (held in Robbie's home town) and, following the performance, the Robbie Thomas crew explained the poor attendance on a potential threat of an anthrax attack (seriously).  The reality is that prior to the performance, Robbie simply had sold fewer than 40 tickets.  It was a commercial failure. 

In the past week or so, Robbie Thomas' Psychic Justice Tour has been dropped by his (at one time?) friend and "talent manager" John Ramses.  Word in the paranormal community has spread fairly quickly and Robbie is clearly pointing fingers.  I hope that what he is saying about John Ramses is not true (I doubt it is) because, outside of his tour with Robbie Thomas, it appears that he has been fairly successful at promoting his other ventures.  As Robbie's "talent manager", I suspect he spent much of his time trying to protect Robbie from the truth and, in turn, try to salvage whatever he could from the remaining tour (which, I suspect, was a financial burden to John Ramses).

*I do not have a hate group and am hardly a leader of any organized skeptics but since Robbie is in the "pretend" game, I figured I could stretch it a little bit and pretend that I had a group too. 


As you probably suspected, the reference to a Tom Klaasen "threatening bodily harm" was simply made up by the Robbie Thomas crew.  Robbie has consistently lied so why should we have expected anything different in this case?  (I sure didn't.)

For those that have emailed me, I'm NOT Tom Klaasen but, if I were Tom Klaasen, I'd probably want to kick Robbie's ass for defaming me as Robbie/John did.  Tom, however, did NOT threaten to harm Robbie Thomas in ANY WAY - it was a COMPLETE FABRICATION.  (And, I have no desire to inflict any physical harm on anyone.)

Note: If you have attended any of the Robbie Thomas events (last year's convention or any of his recent shows), I'd love to hear from you.  I can be reached at

UPDATE: As I was typing this update, I received an email regarding Robbie's show in Sarnia.  One of the people at the show said that there were, in fact, 31 people who attended his Sarnia show (including staff).  The staff also, apparently, always lock the door when the show starts - it was not done because of any supposed threat from the two people who were handing "anti-Robbie" stuff out.  I'm not suggesting that Robbie is lying - okay maybe I am - but this completely contradicts what he has claimed about the Sarnia show.


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't have got your hopes up about being the leader of a hate group. The letdown is going to be unbearable I bet.
I'll pray for you. Ramen.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, he is now from Burlington Ontario - so now the Sarnia Skeptic cannot find him.

Again, his lies are evident all over this interview. He can't keep his story straight.

Anonymous said...

What hate group? Did I miss something again?

I thought we had a rationalist's group of woo woo debunkers.

BTW, it is RAmen not Ramen to Anon#1

Get real people!

Anonymous said...

Psychic Robbie says you can't stop him!

Anonymous said...

Robbie Thomas gets media attention.

Anonymous said...

What is that, an April fools joke? Robbie is a fraud. This is just a stunt to get more people to go to his show for $30 each.