Saturday, April 10, 2010

Robbie Poulton/Robbie Thomas - Skepticblog

Check out Mark Edward's latest entry on the slimeball that is Robbie Thomas.

That's one solved case for the skeptics - better than Robbie can claim.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who was associated with this creep in any context into making money should be held accountable too. That includes his manager John Ramses, who knew all along this was a scam, and held off until the bitter end when he couldn't make any money off the dead and missing children.

Shame on all of you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sarnia Skeptic and to all the skeptics who assisted in revealing this man for what he really is. I do not believe for one minute we are done with Robbie Thomas! He is to arrogant, self centered and cold hearted to see the error of his ways. He does not give a shit about anyone but himself and he never accepts responsibility for his own actions. The world now knows his self-proclaimed love...light and psychic abilities is actually a cover for his deep rooted greed... darkness and manipulation of all who he encounters...including his friends.

Kathy Caughlin

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if there was a moderator on that skepticblog site to approve my comments.......... Guess I won't be able to join in on the conversation in a timely manner!

Anonymous said...

You can see that the author misread intentionally, or not, Robbie Thomas' press releases.

Robbie Thomas was not on:

Maury Povich

or any other TV show.

In this article he also states he has a deal for a movie he created called "Gates of Hell."

Funny that.

It was supposed to come out already. Like all the other BS he puts out there.

We need to find all these postings and comment on them to set the record straight.

Anonymous said...

If Paracon 2010 in Sarnia is anything like 2009 it will be a joke.

For a teaser go here:

Anonymous said...

I think this blow to Robbie Thomas is what we all wanted.

Hopefully he won't recover from this financially or emotionally.

Where should the kudos be heaped?

Sadly, as much as you want them, Sarniaskeptic... they don't belong to you.

As I noticed before, you are very quick to claim credit where credit isn't yours.

Shame on you.

Where, then, does the credit belong?

To the 'manager' of Robbie Thomas. Who came out with his damning statement. Which, might I point out, without it, you all would still be making guesses and assumptions.

While we are grateful for Ramses statement, it alone should not get him off the hook for his part in all this.

He made the posters with the children for Robbie. He continued to promote it without once stepping back and seeing it as wrong in every possible sense of word.

The only reason Ramses gave that statement is because he got burned.


If he hadn't... we would still be speculating.

The credit is not yours. Not by a long shot.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes it is credit to SarniaSkeptic.

You just don't know everything that has happened.

Thanks for all your hard work SarniaSkeptic.

SherwoodSkeptic said...

To Anonymous @ 3:38. I could be wrong, but I haven't seen where SarniaSkeptic has taken all the credit for RT's demise. But I have noticed a lot of comments deriding him for the wrong course of action, etc. During a series of emails between him and me at the beginning of March, I was constantly impressed with the contacts made and the advice asked of various organizations. You really don't realize the amount of time and effort put into it. A long series of "small" problems have faced RT, many instigated by SarniaSkeptic, and we have seen how much these things annoyed him. Sometimes a bunch of small jabs can be more effective (and possibly less expensive)than the alternative.
Ramses' statement cleared up a lot of details, and will be immensley useful in the future, if RT has one.
Currently, Paracon is being destroyed, with the efforts of the blog author and others. I predict now that it will not take place.
And what was it that YOU have done to further the cause?

Anonymous said...

Wow. You should apply to be "Psychic Jojo".

Currently, Paracon is being destroyed, with the efforts of the blog author and others. I predict now that it will not take place.

Wow! You predict this?

I'll go further...

I predict that tomorrow, at around 6am or a little after, a local "helium giant" will illuminate the planet in our region as we rotate to face it. This will dissipate as we rotate away and something called "night time" will ensue which is much darker.

"Paracon" is failing as are ALL paranormal events anymore... because the media flogged it and it's now old news. The ratings of the paranormal based shows are low and getting worse... even Sylvia Browne can't fill an aud in Toronto.


Because Montel was cancelled... She's out of the public eye... they've (the masses) moved on for the most part.

Thomas and crew (even his hangers-on like Pierce and crew) are failing even more spectacularly because if the masses aren't paying attention to the big guns anymore... they certainly won't notice the small water pistols.

I think mine (and the other "anonymous" who I believe was posting here a few weeks back like myself,) are commenting on this line from the post...

That's one solved case for the skeptics...


The skeptical community has about as much to do with this as I do with that rotation of the planet/helium giant thing.

Vox populi, as it always does, is simply waning.

Something "new" (HAHAHA!) will pop up as it has historically since the late 1700's... like another "Sixth Sense", "Spoon Bending Spree", "Parlour Seances", etc... and we'll be back at square one... some of us trying to actually educate and be proactive as opposed to this self-congratulatory reactionist stuff here.

Still, looking at this incident, and watching this all unfold from literally months ago, (which I did and I have a feeling the other "anonymous" poster did,) this was an internal "ego-explosion"... nothing more.

You were a sideshow... and he *was* beginning to use your non-action as marketing material (he *was* trying to sell the masses that the skeptics were trying to silence him which "proved" he was just that good,) and would have capitalized on it had the bizarre circle-jerk of ego not collapsed in on itself.

So, like the above "anonymous", I'm pleased he seems to be done - for now... but I *am* telling you, don't dislocate your shoulders patting yourselves on the back for this... you did squat other than pee yourself in dark pants...

It made you feel warm briefly, but otherwise, no one noticed.

Enjoy the victory again... 'cuz it was not yours... it belongs to the worst of human nature.

...and in this case, that's a good thing for the rest of us!

You may now return, as you did previously, to calling me a "woo-woo"... or whatever... because The Good Sky Captain knows that anyone who isn't in lock-step with your own "efforts"(?) must be one of those people who are usually found holding a crystal at a chiropractor while reading about while a priest sprinkles holy water on me and my Uri Geller book.


Anonymous said...

Annon at 7:14, you are nuts and probably delusional too. BTW, the sun is 92% by volume made up of Hydrogen! only 7% volume of helium. So get your facts straight.

All praise the great one - SarniaSkeptic

Anonymous said...

I've been to the sun, so allow me to comment.

Roger asked me to do a remote viewing experiment whereas he thought of a place and I was to Remote View the location.

The bastard picked the sun. The goddamn sun, of all places.

I went there through astrophysical notification desonification and WHAMO-

There it was oxygen. 99.9%.

So get *your* facts straight.

SherwoodSkeptic said...

"Predict" was a jab at RT.
I have never taken any credit for his failed tour.
And your right, his type of show is not a big draw anymore, but that was not enough to disuade him from planning Paracon 2010, still hoping for fame and a big payday.
The "sideshow" was enough of a distraction, according to Ramses, angered RT to the point of insisting on consulting a lawyer. As I have said, all these little "distractions" played an admittedly minor, yet time and energy consuming, partfor them. And maybe he would have sunk himself whether or not his name was ever mentioned in this blog. Probably. Who knows?
I think you over-emphasizing any 'back-patting'.

Anonymous said...

Robbie's whole life seems like a failure.

Name one project that was a success from his past?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 7:14 sounds as though you'd rather sit back and wait for clowns like Thomas/Poulton to self-destruct, rather than contribute.
you say you would, instead, act in an "educational", "proactive" manner. where can I see an example?

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse @ 7:14pm ~ Aren't you tired of being wrong yet? You've responded to everything Sarnia Sceptic has done with negativity, but you yourself have done nothing. Get down off your high horse. Why don't you learn the facts behind what is happening before responding. I'm sure I speak for more than myself when I say we are tired of your psycho babble bull shit.

Anonymous said...

This is Anonymous @ "7:14"...

First of all, THANK YOU SherwoodSkeptic for actually responding with discourse and to be frank, being the only person to read through my missive and address the things in it. (...and your points are valid. Thanks.)

As for our Sun... it is mostly hydrogen, but you'll find it's not 7% helium, but about 25%... and it's the helium burning off that's keeping us warm and toasty. (Look into the CNO cycle for details, kids.)

As for "Anonymous" at around 11pm last night... all I can tell you is that I have done "some stuff". Leave it at that. Sorry to be secretive, but really, considering your "fan boi" weird attitude, I like to keep my anonymity... As for being "wrong", can you pinpoint where I've been wrong? ...or are you just worshipping at an altar and your deity, being infallible, should not have to deal with a heretic like me?

I pointed out that it was the line, that's one solved case for the skeptics in the original post, and added to this was "fan boi" anonymous' additions of oh yes it is credit to SarniaSkeptic and thanks for all your hard work SarniaSkeptic that made me come back and comment.

I just want people to keep perspective... and when Robbie Thomas re-invents himself and climbs back into the light, which they all seem to do, there *might* be a way to do more than limp-handed whining and whatnot... because he's not just a fraud, he's a criminal... or at least, borderline enough to tie him up legally through civil authorities.

Last slash before leaving... "Anonymous" at around 11pm... don't forget to wipe.

Anonymous said...

Book of Anonymous Chapter 3 Verse 38 here...

Don't get me wrong. I am glad that there is a community here that saw Robbie Thomas for the fake that he was. And in this I do support your efforts. As, I am sure, does the other Anonymous.

But to make ridiculous claims like this is a victory for Skeptics, shows your hypocracy.

The original plan was to confront Thomas at his own show. This didn't happen.

You stood around outside and gave out envelopes.

Based on Thomas' comments about how distressed this made him, I can see where you MIGHT have thought this was a good thing.

Thomas was never 'afraid'. It was an over exaggeration that he was happy to play up to see if he could twist it his advantage.

Do you really think that 10 protesters... in Sarnia... for a psychic... would warrant news coverage unless it was potentially beneficial for the Thomas camp?

Fortunately, they were not bright enough to really capitalize on it.

THIS, if you recall, was what I and the other Anonymous were trying to warn you against from the start.

Again... fortunately... they were too dense to use what you handed them effectively.

Your 'victory' can be attributed to Robbie's own stupidity rather than any intelligent gambit on your part.

Anonymous said...

who gives a shit who gets the credit i think sarnia skeptic was giving credit for the pressure put on them by everyone including other skeptics

the skeptics and others knew robbie to be a slimey guy and the pressure helped limit his financial success and the failure of his tour is what made john ramses lash out

john would still be in the gig if it was paying dividends he should be commended for what he has exposed but chided for the fact that he was a willing party to the abuse of victimized families

as a member of the sarnia arts community i can tell you that what those two guys did at the theatre was commendable and truly effective and robbie lost a lot of support because of what they handed out

i dont know who sarnia skeptic is and i had never took interest in any of this until i was handed one of those envelopes by an employee at the theatre after the event

i dont know how i feel about psychic abilities but i am certain about how i feel about people like robbie thomas

those envelopes have made a difference in my life and i hope the people who handled that are readers of this

my feelings about god are different from yours but my care for other humans isnt

thank you for this

Anonymous said...

the skeptics and others knew robbie to be a slimey guy and the pressure helped limit his financial success and the failure of his tour is what made john ramses lash out

UR not reading! :)

You might want to re-read Ramses statement. It's pretty obvious that skeptics play a very small role in all this.

Also, as stated, he was starting to use the horror of the skeptics trying to shut him down as a marketing tool... he must be great if they're trying to stop him! Luckily for you folks, the ego implosion happened before he could really make a mockery of your efforts. (Again, look at what Uri Geller did with Randi and CSICOP years ago... and LEARN.)

Of course, you can continue to pat yourselves on the back... no harm... but if you're going to do that, allow me to offer thanks for your hard work in discovering insulin, thwarting the last Quebec referendum, toppling the Soviet regimes in Eastern Europe, and for the extraordinary stuff you've done with Diet Pepsi and Menthos... because if you think this implosion is your doing, then you must also believe you had your fingers in those pies too.

Again, my point is that this is *not* a victory for any skeptic or skeptical organization, but a simple case of human stupidity that THANKFULLY has removed a pimple from the butt of humanity... and I celebrate that with you...

...but saying that's one solved case for the skeptics or oh yes it is credit to SarniaSkeptic and, again, thanks for all your hard work SarniaSkeptic is akin to thanking Roger Ebert for the fantastic film now playing at the theatre that you haven't seen yet. He didn't make it... He didn't work on it... He simply wrote about it... and now you're applauding.

Thomas (or whatever) will do what they all seem to do... lie low, re-invent himself, and be back.

When there's a wiff of that in the air, pro-active stuff will be better than reactive stuff.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 854pm ~ Please if you are going to comment READ ALL OF THE INFORMATION FIRST!

"The original plan was to confront Thomas at his own show. This didn't happen."

As Sarnia Skeptic and others have pointed out numerous times before this was never the "original plan".

"Do you really think that 10 protesters... in Sarnia... for a psychic... would warrant news coverage unless it was potentially beneficial for the Thomas camp?"

There were not 10 people as Sarnia Skeptic has also pointed out, just two and they were hardly protesting. They were supplying information to let people know the facts. I don't believe they were in it for news coverage either.

Please when responding know the facts will make your statements more valid in the end.

sarniaskeptic said...

I guess I should read the comments more often.

If anyone deserves credit for exposing Robbie as a slimeball and a true loser, it would have to be Robbie himself.

Nobody could do for Robbie what Robbie did for himself.

Having said that, I know there were MANY people who put the pressure on Robbie and John - I've been cc'd on countless emails and received copies of many others.

I don't care who gets the credit - that's not what this is all about.

Many people are correct, too, about John Ramses. He would still be in the gig if the money was there. Whatever it was that made his event a money-loser is what should get the credit for the "exposing" of Robbie.

I think I'd be lying if I said that everything we (not only me, but many others) did had no effect. Skepticism and activism in this sense should be encouraged whether or not it was successful in this instance.

Slimeballs should not be given free rides.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonyous @1145

TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE regarding reading all the information first.

From Tuesday March 2, 2010 – Blog Entry: Robbie’s Latest Marketing Materials – And you thought he couldn’t be a bigger slimeball?

“sarniaskeptic said...
I sent the email to people who had been on the recipient list of Robbie's original email.

It appears as though my email might have sparked some ticket sales - Robbie sold 3 more tickets this week!

I hope the number of skeptics that are going to be at Robbie's show don't outnumber those who sympathize with Robbie.

We'd be much better off if the "show" that the skeptics have planned is for a wider audience than just the 30 or so that have bought tickets already (especially considering some of those tickets are for the skeptics themselves).

I hope someone records what happens :)

(Just a reminder to the skeptics who are buying tickets - buy them in someone else's name or have someone else buy them for you. Psychics often use box office information for "cold readings", etc.)
March 2, 2010 2:24 PM “

Am I the only one reading this as a reference to a plan that involved a covert strike force of skeptics into the heart of the psychic's show?

And not to address the Conundrum in Counting…

From Friday March 5, 2010 – Blog Entry: I don’t want Robbie to fail, I want Robbie to fail miserably

(abbreviated to the pertinent details)

SherwoodSkeptic said...
- at about 6:45, John's wife, and my wife and daughter joined us, bring our number briefly to 7.We stood in a circle and talked. Not very threatening.
March 9, 2010 1:37 PM

Clearly… you have a reading/counting/detail impediment.

You said…

“There were not 10 people as Sarnia Skeptic has also pointed out, just two and they were hardly protesting. They were supplying information to let people know the facts. I don't believe they were in it for news coverage either.”

So please spare me the lectures until your facts are actually correct.

Anonymous said...

The sun isn't yellow. It is chicken.

Nice catch Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 6:51am

The sun is 7% Helium by VOLUME is what I said! again, you have a reading problem! I did not say "By MASS" By mass, it is still mostly hydrogen too.

Book of Anon 3:38 said...

Hey Sarniaskeptic...

Anon 3:38 here again...

A bit off topic here, but I found this statement interesting. (From the Examiner article)

"I'm a skeptic - with evidence (real evidence, not anecdotes) lacking for the existence of or with evidence proving the non-existence of things like ghosts, psychic abilities and much of the paranormal, I suggest that they do not exist."

THIS is the sort of stuff that I enjoy.

I would be interested (in another blog entry, of course) to hear/see this collection of evidence.

As a fellow man of science, I think it would make an interesting discussion.

Anonymous said...

Robbie Thomas Poulton graduated St Patrick's high school in the mid 80's. I heard he got married young, abused his then wife who divorced him. Tried his luck at painting houses for a living. Got better money by suing the city of sarnia for a minor car accident that a yellow city pick up truck backed up and hit his vehicle. The less than 500 dollars in damage to the front of his car resulted in his needing a cane to walk for many years...Insurance couldn't prove him faking it. No wonder the Mayor of sarnia has a sour taste in his mouth at the mention of his name. Once a liar always a liar.

Anonymous said...

So Robbie Thomas is on a disability pension, just like Carrie Pierce?

My my...

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:38
I can't speak for anyone else but if you are the one that suggests something exists you have the responsibility to prove it.
Evidence against ghosts and psychics would probably lie in supported theories of the natural world.

Book of Anon 3:38 said...

The debate about something 'else' existing or not, is not what I am refering to.

I would really appreciate it if Sarniaskeptic would qualify his statement.

According to him, he has 'evidence' that something 'else' does NOT exist.

I am certain that the whole world would be on the edge of their seats to get catch a glimpse of that evidence.

The statement was pretty specific. And, coming from a man of science, I would presume that any statements made would be concise, thought out and beyond conjecture.

At least that would be my hope. Anything less wouldn't be acceptable as critical thinking, nor would it represent empirical evidence.

Would it?

sarniaskeptic said...

Book of Anon: Thanks for requesting clarification on that. I would like to explain that (since it was a hurried email to Martha before I left for a trip) - as I have done on other occasions.

There is no scientific evidence to support the existence of psychic powers and, as there is (almost) no way to prove a negative in this sense, there isn't evidence that something doesn't exist at all.

However, MANY tests have been done on individuals who claim to have psychic powers and they have failed scientific scrutiny. That would be evidence AGAINST something (that something being a person's ability to demonstrate their claimed powers).

Similarily, evidence has been found to (naturally) explain ghosts. That would be evidence against the existence of said ghost(s).

The burden, as someone already suggested, is on anyone making the claim to the positive (something I'm not). At this point in time, it would be unreasonable to accept the existence of ghosts, psychics, life after death, alien abductions, etc. Until you have evidence to support them, simply attempting to disprove someone else's theory/ hypothesis/ statements as a means to support your argument stinks of a false dichotomy.

More simply put, if I can't prove to you that ghosts don't exist, it doesn't mean they exist. You still have to show they exist.

So, yes, there is evidence against psychic abilities - individual cases have failed blind/double blind tests completely or have resulted in nothing more than what is expected from chance alone. It is also implausible as it would disrupt countless theories(laws).

Book of Anon 3:38 said...

I understand where you are coming from. In general, humans make conclussions based on previous experiences with similar characteristics.

I am not talking about the existence or non-existence of anything. Be it ghosts, aliens, psychics, etc...

I am refering to how you have come into possession of YOUR evidence.

I remember teaching my son math when he was in SK. Really simple stuff at that level.

(1+1=2; 2+2=4; etc...)

Which got me thinking about the mechanics of problem solving and the methodology behind it.

I think it would be fair to say that alot of early learning is based on memorization and repetition of the answers in a kind of a mantra. I remember memorizing my multiplication tables this way.

Same goes for reading. We tend to memorize what words look like, rather than how they are constructed.

In either case, be it mathematics or language, if I were to question you on your answer to 2+2 or how you know what "P-L-A-Y" spells and what it means, you could at that point prove, through scientific-like methodology, your answer.

This, to me, makes logical sense, does it not?

If we are going to have a discussion, I think we should agree or disagree with this logic.

I await your reply Sarniaskeptic.

Reality said...

Mathematics (and logic) are the only fields that you can prove something is wrong or negative. All others, you can only prove the positive.

Therefore the burden of proof is the in the believer's court and not the skeptic's or non-theists'!

Anonymous said...

"Reality"... master of the moving goalposts.

Book of Anon 3:38 said...

Should I just assume that there will be no further response to my question?

I don't blame you... If I were you, I wouldn't want to attempt this mine field either.