Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Robbie Thomas is still at it...

I just received this from Mark Edward (

TONIGHT on Haunted Times Magazine Radio...

Robbie Thomas is a renowned Psychic / Medium and Criminal Profiler who has worked with Police and families for 18 years successfully assisting them in solving murder & missing persons cases, many of which have been in the media spotlight. With years of documented cases under him, as well as the ability to pinpoint names of murderers and locate missing people alive, Robbie is one of the most sought after Psychic / Mediums today. Robbie has been featured in many magazines worldwide such as Paranormal Magazine (England), The Observer (England), Unexplained Paranormal Magazine (United States), Haunted Times Magazine, Phantom Magazine, Visions Magazine and many more. Robbie has also appeared on numerous radio programs around the world.

Robbie is a prolific writer and author with four titles to his name, as well as co contributing author to four other works with notable authors such as Award Winning Screen Write Gloria Shepherd on the Murder of Brian Jones the founder of the Rolling Stones. Robbie has secured roles in the movies Dead Whisper, The Sallie House, Paradox, and Chasing Shadows (Narration) and the up and coming full length motion picture Bluegrass Run. Robbie’s reputation and growing demand has earned him respect in his field and has been sought after by such TV shows as Dateline, Psychic Detectives, Biography, Maury Povich as well as numerous television production companies. Robbie is now in negotiations for a reality television series based on his actual cases.

Currently, Robbie is touring North America presenting his powerful ‘Psychic Justice’ events in which he is speaking on the vast amount of cases he has done over the years while also doing LIVE cold case readings for audience members who have been victims of crime and left without resolve .

Please join us TONIGHT...Wednesday, April 14th, as we welcome Robbie to Haunted Times Magazine Radio beginning at 8:00pm EST / 7:00pm CST / 6:00pm MST / 5:00pm PST on All Souls Paranormal Radio Network (

As always, our telephone lines and chat room will be open for questions and comments.

Hope you will tune in!!!

Christopher Moon
Haunted Times Magazine


Anonymous said...

No live calls.
I am disappoint :(

Anonymous said...

Robbie said the same BS over and over again and the audience of less than 15 bought into it. There were a few people who believe he was lying and were upset with his comments.

At one time he said he wanted to BLACKLIST anyone who doesn't have a TV show, contract or anything that makes them "famous".

So for all you small-time or amatuer paranormal types out there - you have been blacklisted by the man - Robbie Thomas!

It's funny how he tried to say that, considering psychics, his friends and paranormal groups have been "blacklisting" him because they found out he is a liar.

I love how he name dropped "Dude Where's My Car!"


Anonymous said...

No call ins because Robbie said he didn't want to take live call ins. The questions by the interviewer were pretty lame.

Anonymous said...

You should get in touch with

Keith Age of

and Steve Grenier of Southern Ontario Paranormal Society

Both were the biggest supporters of Robbie Thomas and have a story to tell.

Reality said...

I got banned very quickly for just telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

As did I.

Chris Moon must defend Robbie Thomas as they worked together before.

And he's in it for the same reason Robbie is.

Anonymous said...

I suggest people go to sites like these:

And voice your opinion and provide links to the truth.

I dont think Danielle Egnew or Andrew Brewer are doing Psychic Justice after hearing from John Ramses about Psychic Robbie Thomas

Anonymous said...

What happened to him going to Kentucky and working with the FBI on the April Tinsley Case?

Oh, that's right. Psychic Robbie Thomas wasn't asked by the FBI, the family or local police to help.

It was all a publicity stunt!!v=MiT83ed3aTk&feature=channel

You can watch WANE TV expose Psychic Robbie Thomas.

His promoter, Rob Stone (the Outlaw Ghosthunter) was in on this mess up.

They threatened to sue the local police department and WANE TV.

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Robbie Thomas says "You cannot stop me."

Anonymous said...

You mean Robbie Poulton.

Anonymous said...

Discuss his Paracon 2010 here:

and it looks like people are waking up in Kentucky: