Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why is it legal to cheat people out of their money?

"Straight Chiropractors" might tell you that "subluxations" are the one true cause of all disease but acupuncturists have been known to claim the same about "meridians" (which is why I have to laugh when I see a chiropractor that also does acupuncture). 

How someone can use two competing (and almost equally worthless) modalities to treat the two competing "one true cause of all disease"? 

However, I come to this topic because of an advertisement on a local classifieds website which I believe is false advertising (to be fair to Nikki, I will inform her of this entry before I proceed with filing a claim.  She, too, was probably intentionally deceived by someone selling the lasers.).  A reader of my blog sent me the link and asked "how does laser therapy help people stop smoking?"  "Beauty and Beyond", found here: http://www.beautyandbeyond10.com/, is advertising the following:

"You have realized that smoking is your problem and you are ready to get rid of this addiction. We suggest you to take advantage of laser therapy. Laser therapy combines experience of the past with hi-tech of today: acupuncture plus latest laser technology. This procedure is absolutely painless! Through acupuncture points laser stimulates activity of your inner organs and helps your body to get back in balance. It prevents craving during the crucial first several months. This procedure is performed by using a cold low level laser, which does not damage your skin. Not to be confused with surgical laser or laser hair removal (which can cause burns)."
"Low Level Laser Therapy works in the same theory as acupuncture using a cold laser to stimulate the acu-points instead of needles. This works with the meridians in the body bring balance to organs that may not be functioning at optimal levels. The Low Level Laser helps to produce an endorphin release working with the natural opiods in our system giving you a feeling of well-being. This is very similar to the one a smoker may get from taking a drag off of a cigarette or someone who is eating unknowingly for comfort in food. This endorphin release can last for up to several days. The laser helps speed up your metabolism by working at the same wavelength as the mitochondria. Mitochondria are the powerhouse of each cell, converting energy into its usable for and allowing the maintenance of normal body function and metabolism."

Great, so you combine "ancient Chinese medicine" (a favourite of mine because who doesn't want to have an average lifespan of say 30 years like the "ancient Chinese" did?) that has been proven to have no benefit over placebo with a laser treatment that can't do what is claimed.  That, my friends, is a scam.  Public Citizen calls it like they see it.

I'm sorry, Nikki Robinson, but at this point you are selling a worthless service to a trusting public.  You obviously know it because you say:  "If there is something you are interested in that is not included in the list, then please let me no and I will try to make up a treatment that meets your specific needs." The emphasis is mine (it was a direct copy otherwise) but I couldn't have said it better myself.  You're just making stuff up.  You should be ashamed of yourself.

To answer the question that is in the subject of my blog, it isn't.  Do yourself (and your fellow citizens) a favour and report false advertising:
How to Submit a Complaint
The 14 Clauses (Advertising Standards Canada)


Anonymous said...

your seriously going to pick on a one person business you wimp
and you have to do it annonymous b cause your prolly some pimple face loser with no friend living in your moms basement

Robbie Thomas said...

Sounds like real woo woo to me. I can see she will do really well in her chosen field. Wow, lasers, needles and quacks!

Anonymous said...

The drug dealer down the street is a "one person business" too. If it is a scam it is a scam.

Anonymous said...

Robbie your site is over there ->

Anonymous said...

Stop Robbie Thomas

Robbie Thomas said...

Wow, she cures hemorrhoids too! Do they stick the laser up the butt?
And impotence, does that mean I get a blow job too!

Robbie Thomas said...

BTW, Happy 4 20 day! Have you had your's today?

Robbie Thomas said...

Wow, did I have visions yesterday. That weed was fantastic!

I saw that you won't stop me ever!

Anonymous said...

Laser therapy is not a scam. There are over 4000 research studies on the topic. This about this for a moment. Light is needed for all life forms to live. Just as the sunlight on a garden helps the plants grow, so too does the laser therapy provide healing light that reduces pain and accelerates healing. I was skeptical too, until I did my research. I suggest that you do the same before you write such nonsense.

Robbie Thomas said...

Anonymous at 10:21am.

Plants require light. Humans require UV light for vitamin production. We do not require Laser light!

Bogus, just like my psychic abilities.

Maybe you too were smok'n too much weed yesterday

Kevin said...

Anonymous at 10:21
Show us the money errr the studies that show that this type of laser can (and does) treat these symptoms or problems.
They don't exist so nikki is selling snake oil.
As SarniaSKeptic says: shame on her.

Steve said...

There is another place in Sarnia that does this.


Let's send them a nice letter too.

Anonymous said...

May be you need to do a blog on acupuncture because if people believe in that then lasers will only make it look more valid

Robbie Thomas said...

Wow, it looks like the area around Northgate Plaza is for Woo Woo.

First there is competition to me at 479 East St. with Mary's Psychic Readings at 519-337-8770 who we all know in the business is a fraud and then there is a Laser therapy Clinic at 560 Exmouth Unit 100B, National Laser Thearapy Clinic who claims to cure smoking and over eating and a bunch of other unproven claims. At least they can help me remove my Robbie Thomas tattoo now and put my real name of Robbie Poulton on my arms.

Ah hell, maybe I'll remove them all and get a real job or find another City of Sarnia truck to hit me again.