Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Damn it, Robbie Thomas, why do you have to make this so much fun?

First of all, like Robbie, I'm not psychic.  For me, this post is going to prove it. 

When was created for stopping Robbie Thomas, it was my hope that I'd move on to other subjects and leave most of my Robbie Thomas related blogging to the site.  Robbie, in his own way, has asked me to continue blogging about him.  I can't let a friend down.

I became involved with Robbie Thomas about a year ago when I had written a blog about the Tori Stafford case.  When the police had informed the public that arrests were made, I wrote a blog entry stating the obvious - that a psychic (namely Robbie Thomas) would be standing with the police at the press conference to be recognized for solving the crime.  Sadly, Robbie must have been too busy solving other crimes that he couldn't make the press conference.  What made me mad, however, was that the police didn't even mention him.  Not in passing and not even a reference to a psychic being involved.  Obviously the police are covering something up.

To right the wrongs, I contacted the Ontario Provincial Police to tell them that they need to give credit where credit is due - that the public is entitled to know that a psychic solved the crime.  What I was told will shock you.  The police told me "the public is entitled to know the truth and the truth is that no psychic was involved in solving the case".  You can imagine how upset I was that the police would have the audacity to say... well... the truth.

Robbie Thomas did not solve the Tori Stafford case, he didn't solve the Natalee Holloway case, he didn't solve the Cezar Cano case and he has never been attributed with solving a single missing person or murder case using any claimed psychic abilities. 

Okay, so Robbie might have fibbed about his involvement in such cases - but what's the harm?  Good question!  And it was, in having that question answered, that my view of psychics (and Robbie Thomas in particular) took a turn. 

Shortly after posting the blog entry about a psychic likely (sarcasm folks, sarcasm) to be at the press conference to receive the credit, I received contact from families and friends of victims of crime.  Not only were they victimized (by, in some cases, unidentified criminals), they were re-victimized by Robbie Thomas.  To read their personal stories, to talk with officers involved in the cases and to hear the distress in their voices changed the game.  Robbie Thomas has done a great number of horrible things to a good number of people and he has the balls (and an eye in his crotch, oddly) to market the lost lives of innocent victims for his self-promotion and financial gain.

Don't believe me?  Consider an email I was asked to post by one such family.  Imagine, for a second, being told that your daughter/niece would be returning home safely after having gone missing - only to learn that she was murdered more than week before the psychic (Robbie Thomas) claimed such.  (Robbie claimed that she was still alive - on a radio show.  The X-Zone by Rob McConnell.  Rob has since exposed Robbie Thomas - as have many others.)  Or, how about having lost 10 members of your family to a house fire that the police and fire departments claim was accidental - the result of a cigarette ash.  Horrible?  Not as horrible as being told by Robbie Thomas that the fire wasn't accidental - it was arson.  Pile on top of that the claim, by Robbie, that it was a hate crime.  How about losing a sister to murder and then having Robbie Thomas claim that you have forgotten about the case's importance. The stories do get worse than that but some families have asked that we hold off on publishing their accounts for now.  (If you have a personal story about Robbie Thomas, you can contact me at or email the team at

Why is this so much fun?  Robbie has recently contacted the Sarnia Police to suggest that I have threatened him with physical violence (I haven't - if I saw Robbie, I'd give him a big hug - I'd just be concerned about the eye in his crotch), he has contacted the company that is hosting the,, and domains to find out who I am (they claim that they couldn't release my name - of course they can't, thank PIPEDA!) and suggest that his family is at risk of physical violence.  He/his crew has (falsely) accused a number of people of being "me", accused others of a possible anthrax attack at one of his shows, accused an innocent person of threatening to hurt him and even suggested that the Sarnia Police were incompetent for not doing more about the "protesters" at one of his shows. 

Update: Apparently Robbie is concerned that I had posted his home address on the internet.  He fears that because someone knows where he lives, that his family is at risk of being murdered.  I wonder if he lobbies against phonebooks?  Imagine how horrified people would be if they knew that someone could grab a phonebook and, by just knowing their name, find out where they live!  The horror!  (I hope that nobody creates a site like  Robbie Thomas (Robbie Poulton) may have his number unlisted - to be fair - but one has to question the need.  I checked through my blogs and the places where any of his addresses were, they had already been replaced with fake information.


Robbie Thomas said...

Watch out now, those Sarnia cops are just as dishonest as I, Robbie (Poulton) Thomas, am.

I paid some of them under the table to go after you now.... planting some evidence and torture....

Are you watching behind you? Do you need my penis eye.....

Not Susan said...

Some thing tells me you are not worried about being sued by Robbie.

I sent you an email about this but for the bus trip that is going to Robbie's Indiana show is there any space left? The last we talked you said that there were only 3 seats left but I want to bring another friend maybe two.

I emailed you the photocopies of their passport already

JREFer said...

Came here from the JREF forum but should have been a tad more skeptical about your claim that you once believed in psychics.
Did the police really say that?

Anonymous said...

That's pretty dumb. Remember, his family and kids have nothing to do with this.

Shawn said...

I completely agree that his family has nothing to do with this but with his real name public, how hard would it be for someone to find out where Robbie lives. It is like gun control if someone wanted to get a gun to commit a crime are they going to be deterred because it is illegal? If someone wanted to do harm to robbie which I'm sure nobody does do you think they would only do it if someone posted his address in comments on a blog when his address is listed in other places on the internet?

Anonymous said...

The address does not bother me, but pretending to be Robbie and saying:

"I dare anyone to come and visit me."

is immature.

Shawn said...

Fred Bear: you under-estimate the determination of stupid. Robbie Poulton/Thomas is not giving up.

More people need to speak up. I have called the venues he has listed on his site to let them know what an ass he is.

Robbie Thomas said...

I sure hope that US Customs doesn't question why I am going to the USA. Sure don't want them to know I am going to be earning some money there even though there will probably be only a few seats sold.

I sure don't want to spend money on an entertainer's working permit.

Please no one tell the IRS on me.

Anonymous said...

We'll see what happens today at his show.

Robbie Thomas said...

Wow, I guess I am psychic. I knew there wasn't going to be many people in attendance at my show in Indiana. Indiana doesn't want me.....
Hope I can pay for the gas to come home. Only 10 paying attendees!

Do I still need a work permit if I have to pay out of my own pocket to work???

David said...

I guess Robbie couldn't cancel the Fort Wayne show because he needs that as cover so he can go visit his girlfriend in Sioux City, Iowa. It probably wouldn't be a big issue but Robbie's wife disagrees with Robbie having a girlfriend.