Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Robbie Thomas is an author (and not psychic)

Yes, Robbie Thomas claims to be an author - though many would argue that he redefines the word "author" when he suggests that he is one. 

I've received a number of emails from people who suggest that I read Robbie Thomas' books - that they are horribly written, hardly edited and not printed on paper good enough to wipe your butt with (read: not worth anything).  A follower to this blog recently sent me a link to a recent review on Chapters that suggests Robbie might not be honest either (Shocking!).

A poor example
I was intrigued by the title, but after reading into the book two chapters I knew that this book would be a disapointment. It is poorly written, gives no new information, and is possibly the worst book on the paranormal I have ever read. Feeling ripped off, I wanted to return the book, but found that I should contact the author and express my thoughts. In google I found Robbie Thomas, the author accused of many unlawful and unethical things. One web site in particular had information on him. stoprobbie.com is all you need to know.

The stories about this movie being made were totally made up according to the people involved. The movie was said to be shot in 2008 and 2009, yet has never been released. There are Youtube videos of the movie and that says it all. It is horrible and the book is the same way.

This book is horrible. I could not recommend it and I wouldn't suggest sending your hard earned money to a con man.

Of note, however, is that there are three other reviews on the site - all 4 reviewers have only reviewed Robbie Thomas' books and, it appears, became members of the site simply to review those books.  One of the (positive) reviewers has a horrible writing style - just like Robbie Thomas!

It's nice to see the reference to stoprobbie.com (which is only referenced and not linked in the review).


NathanColquhoun said...

Hey Skeptic, i'm reading this book right now, http://www.amazon.ca/Mistakes-Were-Made-But-Not/dp/0156033909/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1280871360&sr=8-1

it's brilliant, i think you'd love it as well, grab a copy and let me know what you think

Anonymous said...

PublishAmerica will print anything.

Just google Publish America scam to find the truth about them. They are a vanity press and bookstores do not deal with them. True, Chapters and Amazon have listed the book. They have to since there is an ISBN attached to it.

On Amazon there isn't one review. Why? Because you have to BUY the book to review it. And no one has bought the book.


Probably because they know it sucks.

And probably because you can't buy it because Amazone and Chapters have a hell of a time working with Publish America.

"Temporarily Unavailable" OR "Not in Stock" since day one. (So how did the people on Chapters.ca buy and review it?)

Easy enough to answer.


And deleted the bad review noted in your blog entry.

Robbie Thomas is a liar and a fraud.

RealityinSarnia said...

Yup, the page is gone now. Robbie Thomas is a cheat too. We now know he visits here regularly!

sarniaskeptic said...

Nathan, I've read Mistakes Were Made But Not By Me - I thought it was a wonderful book and I think, in some ways, it changed my life.

Those that know me would suggest that I've gone a bit crazy in my willingness to accept responsibility when it could easily just be ignored and go away.

It's a great book and I, like you, encourage others to read it.

RealityinSarnia said...

Another book review....

Paranormal Encounters
Paranormal Encounters | Robbie Thomas

Frank Depersa's Review
Frank Depersa
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The book is just gibberish.

2 days ago


Anonymous said...

The email I received from Robbie Thomas clearly....clearly demonstrates the intelligence level of a mule, even thou I risk the animal activists taking offence to such a comparison. When will this man change his ways?? Of course he wrote the reviews himself, just as he tells the public of his fantom involvement with the police and the families of unsolved crimes. I was recently advised that Robbie Thomas is telling everyone in Sarnia that he is going to rock Sarnia this weekend when he reveals his involvement in my sister's case...Karen Caughlin. What does it take to stop this man's cruelty and abuse?


Anonymous said...

Robbie the author,let me guess, lots and lots of pictures.Having met and spoke with Robbie on a few occasions,i don't think it is possible for him to string that many words together, in a coherent understandable, way. I'm going to go to the Bookkeeper and ask for a copy. Oh ya , bookkeeper only sells books that require an IQ of 150 or better,I'll look for it at Liquidation world next week

Anonymous said...

Paranormal Encounters by Robbie Thomas is a joke. This isn't a real book. It is self-published through a vanity press Publish America.

This is another way for Robbie Thomas to fool the people. He can say he is a published author on the subject and make all sorts of claims and write what he wants - because he is the writer, editor and publisher.

The rats have jumped ship since Robbie Thomas was exposed. However, there are still those clinging to him in hopes of finding fame and fortune.

The sad part is: Robbie Thomas is neither famous nor has any fortunes. He's just a sad man making fraudulent claims to fool people.

The only way to truly stop this mad man is with the law.

Ryan Hulshof said...

What kills me is that if the claims we were making were incorrect robbie could easily prove it and make us look like a pack of fools.

Notice how nothing of this nature has been done.