Friday, February 18, 2011

No publicity is bad publicity? Robbie Thomas must be proud

If the commonly used saying of "no publicity is bad publicity" is true, Robbie Thomas scored a major victory last week.  When I contacted the company that we advertised with about extending the ad for (see it here), I asked them how many views the ad had as well as how many clicks it got, they told me it was "by far the most popular ad of the week".  They sent me their standard "you should consider display advertising" email and I think we're going to do that. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for what the banner ad should have? We can put pictures and have multiple "slides" in an animated banner.  Send me your thoughts ( or email them to at

I know that received donations from a couple individuals as a result of the Robbie Thomas/Crime Stoppers claims but they can always use assistance in other ways.  If you are interested in helping out, don't send me money - contact for information.  The group, as I see it, is more interested in promotion and assistance in getting the message out and, unless a big media campaign is the direction the group wants to take, we have enough money to sustain the site related expenses and current advertising for a couple of years.  (The domains have been paid up for 10 years already as well.)

Robbie Thomas or, legally, Robbie Poulton of Sarnia is not psychic - if he claims otherwise he is lying. 

And, Robbie, continue to contact my family, friends and associates - I love the comic relief.  (Keep in mind that since many of the people you are talking to actually know the truth, you are only proving to them that you are indeed as big of douche bag as I've told them you are.)

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