Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wow - Stop Robbie Thomas Activity!

I just got an email from a contributor to - he has posted a new entry about Robbie Thomas, Psychics and Why it Matters!  Head over there to read it.

I have just scanned through it - quite a bit to read but I did pick up a couple of things!

First of all, I love his Penn Jillette quotes.  It is hard to beat what Penn says and the way he says it.

Secondly, I can't help but laugh when I read one of the links he included.  Back in April of 2010, Robbie's ex-manager exposed him as a liar, a cheater and a fraud and I posted the manager's complete "release" on the blog.  In an attempt to be fair, I offered Robbie the opportunity to respond.  His response was priceless and is even funnier today. 

And finally, the "advertisements" that he is referring to include some signage that is being made for as well as some posters and other ads.  (And... this.)


Anonymous said...

Robbie is mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see Robbie living in your house the last time I was there! So I guess he failed on that prediction too.

He is such a LOSER.

How the fuck is he surviving here in this town of rising taxes and costs? Does his wife work in a real job?

Anonymous said...

Maybe his girlfriend is helping his wife pay the bills.

Kathy said...

I met Robbie Thomas at a bar 3 years ago and I was drawn in by him. He was very personable and seemed convincing. When he told me I would have two children I was ecstatic to tell my husband. We had been trying for 2 years by then.
When I saw the ad on Sarnia Online it reminded me of that encounter. I had forgot about what he had told me but he was completely wrong. I am not able to conceive or carry a child. His lies gave us hope and fear. He told me that someone very close to me would die and die quickly with no chance to say goodbye. In 3 years I couldn't name anyone that i knew that had died. My husband, mom and sister couldn't think of anyone either.
I have been to other psychics with a group of friends but I don't take it serious. None of the other girls claim to either but I wonder how many of them really do? I told my friends at the time that I didn't either.
If I see Robbie in public I am going to let him know the pain he has caused me. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, there are no such things as real psychics. They are ALL frauds. Sorry you had to find out that way.

If you see him, kick him in the balls for all of us too. (Not really)

Read some more on this site and on to see how much scam is in this world.

Then come join us at for more discussion in every kind of woo woo.

Ryan Hulshof said...

Kathy, you bring up a good point. I can't count the number of times i have raised an eyebrow at someone going to a psychic, or claiming a ghost story and got the reaction " Well i don't really buy into it.".

But what gets said when a skeptic isn't around?

And yes, Robbie Thomas is a knob. One of many Failed actors in the city looking to make a name for himself any way he can. I find it no coincidence that sarnia has a large art scene, and the most paranormal claims for a city of our size in canada.

As an actor i can tell you, the easiest way to make some coin is to go " ghost hunting" or give yourself a psychic image. Built in client base that doesn't ask questions.

Anonymous said...

Go fuck your self sarniasckeptic i should off kick your ass in wall mart the other day but didn't since your wife was with you nothing but a loser so are the rest of you idiots

Anonymous said...

Last commentor: Given your lack of intelligence, it isn't surprising that you'd turn to threats and violence.
You should consider trying for your high school diploma again.

Ryan Hulshof said...

Angry anonymous ( btw i must stress that threatening someone with an anonymous name is kinda lame. ), you might want to try that one again in english.

RM said...

What does this have to do with Walmart? Robbie Thomas is on here threatening you and pretending he saw you at Walmart?
He is a bigger idiot than you have made him out to be. I will get some of his family to contact you.
I have despised him from the moment I met him.

Robbie Thomas said...

Hahaha, if that was Robbie (Poulton) Thomas, the fake psychic, making those threats, then he would know who the sarniaskeptic is (which he doesn't).

If that is Robbie (Poulton) Thomas, the fake psychic, then you should go back to school to learn how to spell correctly.

Robbie (Poulton) Thomas, the fake psychic, is the real loser! Not us rational, logical and correct skeptics.