Sunday, April 3, 2011

Of course, psychics aren't self-serving - that's why I love them

Have you ever heard someone say "why don't you ever see the headline 'psychic wins lottery'?". It bothers me when I hear that - I think, to myself, "geez, educate yourself people - psychics can't use their powers for personal benefit."

Ask any psychic and they will tell you they don't do what they do for their own benefit, they just want to help people. If that truly is the case, you can understand why none have used their powers to win the lottery, predict the stock markets (for themselves) or even made life-altering decisions to protect/benefit themselves.

Let us remember that psychics, unlike the average population, don't have 'bad' members. Never has one abused their powers and secretly purchased a lottery ticket. It is for this reason that I absolutely admire psychics and their selfless acts.

Given their special gifts, you have to appreciate that they spend their time working with people and not benefitting from it themselves. Please, the next time you encounter a psychic, take some time and thank them for everything they do - especially with no expectation of personal gain.

Crap. I wrote the above blog entry because from what psychics have told me, they're awesome people. When my wife proofed it, though, she thought I left out some important information.

I'm left with quite a quandary. My wife pointed out that psychics almost always charge for their 'readings'. If that is the case, then the reality isn't that psychics can and do use their 'powers' for personal benefit.

It also occurred to her that, if it were true that they can not benefit from their powers, psychics can no longer get involved in solving crimes where rewards are offered. That would explain why there are countless unsolved cases on the books.

So, to accept that psychics exist we have to accept that:
1.) psychics have agreed not to use their powers for personal benefit
2.) of all the 'psychics' that exist, all of them have always been honest (and not used their skills to win the lottery, game the stock market, purchase life insurance to take advantage of an unexpected death, etc)
3.) everything we know about physics is wrong

Or we could apply Occam's Razor and accept that psychics don't exist.

Really, if psychics were such caring and selfless people, why would they be spending their time charging people to do parlor tricks when they could be alleviating substantial amounts of pain and suffering of others by solving cold cases?

There are three self styled 'psychics' in Sarnia that actively advertise their skills. Today I challenge each of them to stop just claiming selflessness and start living it.

The local news agencies have recently reported that CrimeStoppers is offering $2,000 for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for the death of Karen Caughlin. Solve the crime, reduce the suffering and silence the critics OR you should be looked upon not as selfless and caring but fraudulent and heartless.

The three psychics I refer to are:
Darin James
Mary Young/Mary Demitro
Robbie Thomas

My challenge to Darin, Mary and Robbie: Solve the Caughlin case, collect the $2,000 and I'll write a public apology and publish it (full page) in the Sarnia Observer.

My challenge to you, reader of this blog, is this: make sure that Darin, Mary and Robbie are familiar with this challenge.
Darin James -, Phone: 519-542-7482, 519-402-0024, 519-491-6138 or twitter @the_darin_james
Mary Young - 519-337-8770
Robbie Thomas -, 519-337-8333, 519-337-2344

(Note: Robbie Thomas has, for years, publicly claimed that he worked with police on the Caughlin case. The case, as mentioned above, has not been solved and Robbie Thomas has inflicted substantial amounts of pain on the Caughlin family. Robbie Thomas is a liar and a fraud -


Anonymous said...

Why do you pick on psychics? Pick on chiros and religion more.

Anonymous said...

There all liars and thief's, If Robbie could make money with his abilities, he would but the reality is he cant so he does shows and events to produce revenue. Hey Robbie can you produce a receipt for the auction items you raffled off two years ago at your para con event, all the posters and crap you were auctioning off " with all donations going to the cancer society" would love to see some proof of the donation !

Anonymous said...

How unreasonable of you to demand evidence of Robbie to support his claims. In 20 years he hasn't had to supply any and people still believe him. Please just accept him on his word. He wouldn't lie, would he?

Robbie Thomas is not psychic

Anonymous said...

Robbie does not make a lot of money. Just look where he lives and the car he drives. But the money he does make comes from poor families in desperate need. He's scum.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you're talking about.

The house at 834 Pineview Avenue is a decent house.

I do know what you're talking about when you say he is scum and takes from poor and desperate families.

RealityinSarnia said...,+Sarnia,+Ontario+N7V+4A5,+Canada&ll=42.994619,-82.379415&spn=0.008098,0.01929&t=h&z=16&layer=c&cbll=42.994575,-82.379544&panoid=Q2Yx-FUJGCI_J6nvFp48yg&cbp=12,327.02,,1,1.91

Nice house and care - he must be scamming a lot of suckers! Is that a ghost in the window? No, it is just a reflection! That's how Walt Disney does it.....

Anonymous said...

834 Pineview Ave