Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Can't God Intervene?

If you're not from the Sarnia area, you're probably not aware of the "spy balloon" that has been in the air almost daily above the St. Clair River on the Port Huron side. The balloon carries a "1 million dollar camera" (that phrase is repeated in every article) that can "see read a ship's name from 9 miles away". The balloon can "spy" on people in Sarnia, because of its proximity, but the company who owns the balloon (Sierra Nevada Corporation) says it is for national security - kind of a pilot project to show what they are capable of doing.

Now that you're up to speed :) you we'll get to the fun stuff. Locally a "protest" has been planned for August 15, 2009 called "Moon the Balloon" and your suspicions are probably correct - they want people to come out at a specific time to "moon" the balloon. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend.

Fun stuff, but it gets funny. As a result of this protest, organizers of another event that will happen the same weekend have spoken up - to complain about the morality of people who would do such and at a time when "Gospel by the Bay" (look at the comments on the bottom of this article) is happening. Oh, my.

To add to the hilarity, one of the organizers for the "Moon the Balloon" event is apologizing - but makes a great point. Who are these highly moral individuals that have a right to criticize the morals of others? Surely they aren't people who continue to support institutions that have covered up (or committed) sexual abuse, theft and oppression. Oh, wait, they are.

Is the "god" that the Gospel by the Bay organizers pray to not able to intervene? Compared to what "god" supposedly "did", dealing with this should be a simple task. It reminds me of the famous quote, "lightning rods on churches shows a real lack of confidence". An all capable "being" should be able to handle this without needing his/her blind sheep complaining.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry everyone, god is busy playing chess with my invisible pink unicorn and will not be able to deal with special requests for a while.