Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh No! Bill Donohue is Mad (again)

And it's not about Crackergate! I'm sure you're probably wondering what could have gotten into Mr. (I use the term loosely) Donohue's knickers as it isn't often that he publicly makes a fool of himself (if weekly is considered "often", I guess it is often that he does it).

Penn & Teller have a show on Showtime, Bullshit!, that tackles subjects most TV shows steer away from. While exposing everything woo-woo to tackling religion (which is woo-woo too!), Penn & Teller hold nothing back. And the season finale for this season has Bill Donohue (Catholic League) pissed.

The final episode of the season exposes the Vatican so Bill Donohue has purchased an ad in Variety magazine that you just have to read for yourself. (Posting about the ad / The ad itself).

I sent an email to Showtime to provide my support for Penn & Teller because anything that pisses Bill Donohue off is a good thing.

(I bet Bill Donohue wishes that prayer actually worked.)

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