Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Being Praised for Failures? Robbie Thomas is a slimeball

In case you aren't aware, Robbie Thomas is a low-life "psychic" (lower than most psychics, yes - apparently that is possible).

Robbie found a sympathetic ear with an aunt of Victoria Stafford (she was abducted and subsequently murdered - a story that captivated much of Ontario, Canada) (I spoke about Robbie and this case in a previous posting: Psychic Solves Abduction/Murder Case). Victoria's aunt, Rebecca, was kind enough to provide a letter to Robbie showing support for his "being". Astonishingly, Robbie is using this letter to promote his "abilities" for an upcoming bullsh!t tour about his "Psychic Investigations" even though, reading it clearly, Rebecca neglects to suggest that Robbie had anything to do with solving the case. Here's the letter:

Letter from Rebecca (Stafford) Nichols,aunt of Victoria (Tori) Stafford
My family became acquainted with Robbie Thomas as we desperately searched for my niece, Victoria (Tori) Stafford. Robbie contacted my mother online, offering his services. Never having been in this type of situation before, we were willing to take any offers of assistance to help us locate Tori.
Many things that Robbie told us have proven to be accurate, though it is his being (rather than his gift) for which I will be eternally grateful. Although our situation ended with us realizing our greatest fears, I find peace in knowing that we did everything we could have done to bring Victoria back to our family. Robbie was an integral part of these efforts. Thanks to his gentle encouragement, we found ourselves providing police with information that we had not previously imagined to be of importance.
We were given comfort, strength and support through Robbie’s involvement in our time of greatest need. As a result, I will always be thankful that we were blessed with his benevolence. I wholeheartedly believe in his abilities, and I encourage others to accept his willingness to help.With much love, respect and appreciation, I say thank you Robbie.

Rebecca (Stafford) Nichols

The discerning reader will notice a few important things - yeah, "many things that Robbie told us have proven to be accurate" clearly means that other things Robbie told them were not accurate. (Let's take, for instance, Robbie's claim that Tori was still alive - many many days after, we now KNOW, she was murdered. That's not an important part for a sympathetic believer in psychic abilities.)

You might also have realized that the letter comes from an "aunt" and not directly from the mother or father of the child - I suspect if they shared the same feelings, slimeball Robbie would have requested such a letter from them. As it stands, he found someone who fell for his bullsh!t and he's going to milk it for all it is worth. Poor Rebecca.

It is obvious that Robbie provided (as do all "psychic" scumbags) useless and false information to the family which, in turn, passed it along to the police - only diverting attention from the FACTS in the case. Robbie wasted the money of taxpayers in this province and is proud of his obvious failure in this case.

Robbie was "there" for them when they were in their lowest moments and, thankfully, he did it for no personal gain (like, say, a letter of support or some public recognition - oh, wait, I guess the letter and his public claims don't suggest that - scratch "benevolence" from the letter).

Robbie, you are a slimeball.


sherwoodskeptic said...

I thought (hoped) that Thomas had gotten a real job or at least left the psychic realm, after not seeing anything in the local papers of him since Paracon. I was hoping he took a big financial hit for that.
A few years ago, I responded in the Observer, to an "article" in the paper regarding Thomas's prowess in solving missing persons. I mentioned the Karen Caughlin case in my response. Surprisingly, the next day I received a call from Alberta, Karen's sister Kathy, thanking me for mentioning the case. She went on to tell me of the disgust the sisters felt during their meeting with Thomas. He was much more interested in having the sisters sign papers so that he could include the case in a book. Obviously his "powers" have not helped in this case, but he still had the newspaper article on his site last I checked. To put it very clearly, this man is a boil on the ass of humanity.

sarniaskeptic said...

sherwoodskeptic: He obviously didn't find a real job - the slimeball claimed on his, now missing, twitter account that he was about to have an article in The Observer that will include information regarding his "assistance" in Karen's murder.

Your mention of getting papers signed really does suggest that he's hardly doing this simply to "help".

The fact, alone, that there are unsolved murders and numerous missing person cases should clearly show the inability of people like Robbie Thomas.

And, sherwoodskeptic, send me an email at when you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

On Swallowing the Camel last April, they covered Sylvia Browne's failed predictions and in the comments someone says:
"You should check out Psychic Robbie Thomas. He could possibly be the biggest Canadian fraud when it comes to psychic detective work."