Monday, January 18, 2010

Robbie Thomas AKA Knobbie Thomass, The Failed Psychic

Check out this video that a blog visitor pointed me to:


Anonymous said...

sarniaskeptic said...

Great catch, Anonymous. I was "warned" that Robbie would be getting some press shortly.

I'm impressed, however, at the responses that the article is getting in the comments below it (even a reference to this blog).

See for yourself at

A few more skeptical people in the area than I thought. That's great news.

I've got some great stuff coming up about non-psychic Robbie Thomas. (For the record, Robbie Thomas is not psychic.)

I'm sure he won't be impressed (or maybe he is pissed already because he can predict that I'm going to make him look even more like a fool than I already have :) ).

Either way, Robbie, we're watching you. Smile you slimeball.

Update: Robbie Thomas solved cases in 18 years = 0 (zero). That's right; Robbie Thomas has solved NO/ZIP/ZILCH/ZERO cases in 18 years. Keep up the great work. I'll post an update to his successes next week (I predict that the number will still be 0 (zero). And I don't claim to be psychic, just logical.)

corunnaskeptic said...

Perhaps Robbie could have warned the Haitians of the impending quake. Or perhaps not because he is a lying, douchebag fraud!!

News today is that they are burying tens of thousands of bodies per day. So many that they have to just dump their bodies in mass graves. As one rescue worker described it, "truck loads of dead children's bodies just being piled into the ground and buried with backhoes".

How's that for an omni-benevolent god???

sarniaskeptic said...

corunnaskeptic: With regards to god, didn't you hear that one person was saved from the earthquake after being buried for 5 days? How do you explain that if there isn't a god? :)

To any (non) thinking person, it's clear that god had to kill the tens of thousands of people so that we'd appreciate that he did spare the one man's life.

Anonymous said...

What are future archeologists going to think when they find that stash of bones? Mass religious sacrifice? Didn't god do it?

Horrific images and the people up here get upset if a vandal topples a grave stone!

corunnaatheist (formerly corunnaskeptic) said...


Yes, I'm sure that story was repeated ad nauseum in the media about how that one person rescued after five days prayed to God the whole time...and it is a miracle!!

Preachers, priests, reverends and other charlatans all around the world will be using that story for evidence of the "power of prayer" in their weekly sermons and the sheeple will continue to believe.