Saturday, January 23, 2010

Robbie Thomas Lies AGAIN

(Special thanks to Sherwoodskeptic for the heads up)

Robbie Thomas was recently featured in Sarnia This Week (a local (weekly?) paper) where he suggests that his skeptics have been silenced and the blogs shut down.

Robbie Thomas, this blog is proof (again) that you're a lying piece of crap. You are not a psychic and I don't give a flying teapot whether or not the Tori Stafford family supports you. It doesn't make you psychic, it makes you a slimeball.

Now, let's revisit the Tori Stafford case - she was murdered shortly after being kidnapped. She was dead for MANY days before you were claiming that she was still alive. That makes you a failure - nobody cares if you've since continued to lie to the family and befriend them, you're lying and you should be ashamed of yourself.

The letter you are pimping from Tori's aunt does not say that you helped solve the case - your information, with mental gymnastics, may have turned out to be right at points but it was blatantly wrong where it mattered. You suggested she was still alive and, when we knew that she was no longer alive, you were not able to locate her body. Your only skill is your ability to lie with a straight face.

Robbie Thomas, you are not a psychic and, contrary to your article (which is full of other lies) my blog isn't shut down and I'm not silenced. I'm more vocal today than I was months ago and, as you'll see, I'm just getting warmed up.

Why, Robbie, have you deleted your twitter account and taken numerous pages (of claims, especially) down from your website? What's bad, Robbie, is that I know you've taken them down (or changed them) because I have copies of them as they were and as they've changed over time. You, my friend, are the lowest of the low and you deserve every bit of negative attention that you are drawing to yourself.

For those following the counter, the number of murder/missing persons cases solved by Robbie Thomas still stands at an impressive 0 (zero).

If you have information regarding Robbie Thomas, his claims, his successes and/or his failures, I'd love to hear from you:


Anonymous said...

Why hasn't Robbie solved the murder at Border Club from a few years ago? Seems like it should be an easy one for him if he is psychic.

Sherwoodskeptic said...

A couple more questions;

Why would Robbie not clear up local unsolved cases before going on tour to solve others?

Why would a psychic have to go on tour?

corunnaAtheist said...

Where is the link to this article?

Sherwoodskeptic said...

Sorry, no link. It was in last Wenesday's "Sarnia This Week".