Tuesday, February 2, 2010

12 Years Later - Lancet Fully Retracts Study Linking MMR Vaccine to Autism

That is great news.

Unfortunately, it shouldn't be breaking news in 2010.  The scientific community knew that the overwhelming evidence clearly contradicted the claims made by Andrew Wakefield.  If only people would now give up the false claims and admit that vaccination does not cause ASD.  Science is self-correcting and, obviously, capable of outing frauds.  It's a shame that anti-vaxxers aren't so correctable.


Tom (Point Edward) said...

Anti-Vaxxers are saying this is nothing more than a lynching. I guess they really aren't correctable.

sarniaskeptic said...

Hey Tom - great to see another local skeptic. Unfortunately, it's difficult to get people to change their mind when they've invested so much into a dogma. Science, fortunately, does correct itself but scientists are not infallible.

This isn't unlike psychics as predators - the reality is that there are countless numbers of children who actually suffer from ASD and parents are being (wrongly) encouraged to support woo-woo. That's really sad.