Thursday, February 25, 2010

Crazy-ass Chiropractic - Woo-woo Overload

A blog follower just forwarded me the following images from what appears to be a local Chiropractor's mass email - and I figured that I'd post them prior to picking them apart (I do have a job that, oddly, expects me be effective (in other words, I'm not a chiropractor) for me to keep it).

In case you're thinking about going, you might want to remember one word: bullshit.  This is medical quackery at its finest (or worst).

Note: The images are cut off, click on each to see the full image.


Anonymous said...

But you get a lunch for that $15! What a scam!

Sherwoodskeptic said...

I found one true statement in the three ads; "Environmental toxins cannot be "cleansed" from the body using colonic, live detox, ionic footbaths, or colon cleanse." I am sure there are some local peddlers who would disagree, since their "cures" rely on these treatments.
There are also the standard claims; things doctors don't want you to know, promises of weight loss, avoiding serious disease, etc. In other words, he is selling what everyone needs and wants. The problem is he doesn't have a product to sell that can do what he describes, but I (and you) do have some that we were born with. They are called kidneys and a liver.
This guy is selling bullshit straight up, and in of all places, a library, a building of knowledge, where any of his attendees could walk downstairs and find a book dismissing his and other woo treatments. Of course, the following day we have "Rev" Shoesmith in the same venue telling us armageddon is at hand, so perhaps detoxification won't be necessary.

Unknown said...

Sherwood, are you going to the movie on that Sunday? Will that movie be laughable by us or is it all violent rapture crap spiel?

I would go just to heckle through it. Ever get kicked out of a free movie before?

Well I can't comment on the Observer crappy website anymore.... They keep banning me and now I can't even set up another account there. Must be banning my IP address.

Anonymous said...

Is this even legal? Maybe I should contact the chiropractic board or equivalent as well as someone from the government. Is it legal to offer medical advice or to villainize real doctors especially when you are not a real doctor?

Anonymous said...
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Sherwoodskeptic said...

No, babana, I won't be attending Shoesmith's armageddon event. I been reading his blog for several months, and this guy is certifiably nuts. Check out the entry, "Is Barack Hussein Obama The Antichrist?" at Don't bother with the videos, unless you have a lot of time to waste. You've probably heard most of these lame arguents before. It is the comments that I find unbelievable.
Two fundies trying to determine the exact timing of their armagedon. It would seem that the pastor has run out of intellectual opponents (through frustration) and has to deal with his own kind now.