Thursday, February 25, 2010

I could be wrong

I'm willing to admit that I could be wrong (about god or other things) and that makes me more honest than most religious believers.

I find it intellectually dishonest for a believer to ask "what would make you believe in god?" when they are not willing to give an answer to the opposite question "what would make you stop believing in god?".

Often I've been in situations where I'm told that I'll "make a good christian" or that I'll be able to "save many others when (I) find god". I'm pretty certain that most "out" atheists have been told the same. The reality is that most believers are absolutely certain about the existence of god and, in spite of the evidence, will insist that they can't be wrong.

As an atheist, I'm willing to accept the existence of a god so long as the evidence supports such. At this point in time there is no evidence to support that a god exists and, as we learn more, the opportunity for a god to be "found" seems to be shrinking.

If honesty is a virtue, why aren't more followers of the major religions willing to accept that they could be wrong about the existence of their god? I'm almost absolutely certain that their god* does not exist but I am willing to accept that I could be wrong.

*I may not be referring to your god.


Anonymous said...

I loved your not your god post. we often only have to ask the religious to define their god for them to see some of the goofiness of it. unless they explain their god it is hard to say it doesnt exist. some will claim that their god is nature but you covered the gods youre talking about in your not your god post. awesome post!

Unknown said...

I luv'd that "not your god" blog too. Very well written!