Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Mystery That Robbie Thomas Can Solve

First of all, I updated the Robbie Thomas Solved Cases Counter today - you will notice that it now stands at 0 (zero) which, not surprisingly, is the way it has been for 18 years.  (For people who are interested in Robbie Thomas - there are a couple great links at the bottom of this article - and I've blogged about him a number of times.  Welcome!)

Robbie Thomas is not psychic but there is a mystery that he can solve.  It is now known as "The Mystery of the Disappearing Show Dates" (hereinafter referred to as "The Mystery").

The Mystery began this morning when I visited Robbie Thomas' site (http://www.robbiethomas.net/) and noticed that he has changed his site (surprise, surprise!) - and with the changes are a couple new "shows" added.  Dates have not been selected for the shows but the cities (and apparently the theatres/locations) have been.  You can pre-register so you will be notified about the show when they confirm all of the details.  The "pre-register" component of the website may or may not be related to The Mystery.

A previous "capture" of the Robbie Thomas (dot) net website shows the following:

Today, however, the site shows:

The Mystery, then, is where did the Toronto, London and Niagara dates go?

Robbie Thomas - do you care to explain?  It can't simply be that the show wasn't selling well because I was able to confirm that at one location (at least), less than 10 tickets were sold.  Oh, whoops, maybe that was the reason? Crap, so it's not a mystery after all?

At least the Sarnia show is selling really well.  At most, 31 tickets have been sold for the Sarnia show - I was not able to determine how many of those 31 tickets were reserved tickets by/for Robbie Thomas but I do know that at least 4 of them were purchased by people who, to put it nicely, are skeptical of Robbie.

For Robbie Thomas giggles, visit:

For the not so funny side of Robbie Thomas, see:
(Thanks "Reap".)


Unknown said...

I have had personal dealings with Robbie. Here is and example of his behavior when he isn't on stage

sarniaskeptic said...

Reap: I added your link to the main blog entry. Robbie Thomas is truly a low life.

Anonymous said...

sarniaskeptic, you bought 4 tickets for you and your friends? Wouldn't you rather go to the CFI event in Toronto?

Anonymous said...

The first round of his web site listed dozens of US and Canadian cities. Of course, none had dates, or locations, or guest speakers. It was as if Robbie discovered GoogleMaps.

C'mon don't you want to listen to Robbie Thomas worshiper Steve Grenier, of Southern Ontario Paranormal Society (SOPS) talk about his alien-rod encounter as one of the guest speakers?

31 tickets sold to-date? He is on a record. The 2009 ParaCON he hosted last year was a joke. The photos prove it was a costume party where everyone dressed up as chairs.

sarniaskeptic said...

Anonymous #1 - I am going to the CFI event in Toronto as well. We're going down on Friday and will come home early on Sunday. I'll try to make it to the showing of "The Idiot's Guide to Retrofitting" at the Sarnia Library theatre. (Michael Shoesmith/Idiot is sponsoring it)

Anonymous #2 - My keyboard hates you as your "costume party" comment made me spit out my drink!

I'm hoping that there are a bunch of skeptics there. It'll be pretty hard to silence a good number of us.

Anonymous said...

I certainly not paying $45 to see a fake psychic.

He looks too scary to laugh at. LOL

Anonymous said...

The publicity photo is just as fake as the psychic. He is nothing more than a middle-aged, over-weight, pasty cup-cake. He wears rose coloured glasses. Want to see the REAL Robbie Thomas?


Not as scary is it? And oh, so laughable.

sarniaskeptic said...

Regarding the most recent comment (above mine): I've embedded the youtube video in my more recent post - thank you for that!