Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Robbie Thomas Supporter Responds

I logged in to my blogspot account to find a bunch of comments requiring "moderation".  After an article has been posted for a certain length of time, any comments added are automatically set for moderation.  If you post a comment shortly after the article appears, the comments will automatically appear.  (I have since approved all but two of the comments awaiting moderation - one of them is why I'm writing this entry.)

The comment that I thought deserved some attention was the following from an anonymous person that was recently posted:

You know, I have had dealings with Robbie Thomas, and he "saw" something that I had in my house that had belonged to my parents. There was no way that he could have known that these things even existed. Why do you people have to be so hateful and jealous. Do you have nothing better to do with your time than to try to bad mouth other people. Give me a break. Just because he made the mistake by going "public" with his gifts just opened the door to people like you. I think that you just have nothing better to do with your time than smash other people. If you people were responsible for low ticket sales at his shows, then I dont blame him for cancelling the rest of his tour. You people seem to know it all dont you.....well you know what, from what I can see you are all nothing but some small town people that arent happy unless you are bad mouthing someone or other, and he, because of his talents, is a good target for you.
I must start off by saying "No, I didn't know.  I'm not psychic, just like Robbie."  Thanks for the anecdote (void of any real content, mind you) about what Robbie "saw" and how that suggests he is "psychic". 

"Hateful and jealous"
I don't hate Robbie Thomas and I'm certainly not jealous of him.  What Robbie does, however, is deserving of substantial amounts of hate - he is destroying the memories of lost loved ones, preying on already victimized people and lying about his abilities. 

"Nothing better to do with my time than to bad mouth other people"
To be completely honest, no.  I think spending time to out liars and frauds is an important and necessary duty that we should all be involved in.  More appropriately, however, is that I'm not "bad mouth"ing other people - the truth can be painful to those it exposes and I offer no apologies. 

"Just because he made the mistake by going 'public' with his gifts"
Though you fail to mention what such "gifts" Robbie has, I must assume you are referring to his claims that he is "psychic".  If that happens to be the case, let me say this: Robbie Thomas is not psychic.  If he was, he'd go collect the million dollars from the JREF.  Better yet, have Robbie actually find a missing person using such "gifts".  In 20 years he has failed to do so and I'm fairly certain that the next 20 will be just as fruitless.

"If you people were responsible for low ticket sales at his shows, then I don't blame him for cancelling the rest of his tour"
First off, I hope we were responsible (or partly so) for his low ticket sales but I doubt that is the case.  All of his shows had very few attendees so I'm doubtful that we played any part in it.  Being a commercial failure is likely why he cancelled his tour (though his former "manager" might suggest different reasons for the shows failure).  Since most people who would have went to his "shows" would have been fairly credulous (and already believers), they wouldn't have sought out dissenting opinions.

"You people seem to know it all don't you"
Yes. Great point. :)  No, we don't know it all but it isn't necessary to know everything to see a fraud.  If someone claims that they have solved crimes using psychic powers but can not (or will not) present the supporting evidence, we should have no reason to accept such a claim.  If we have evidence that is counter to specific claims that the person has made, we have reason to suggest that they are lying or are being fraudulent.  Specifically, Robbie Thomas did not solve the Victoria Stafford case nor did Robbie Thomas solve the Cezar Cano case.  He has also not solved the Natalie Holloway case.  One could assume, then, that he is lying if he claims otherwise.

"Because of his talents, is a good target for you"
Robbie Thomas is a valid target because of his claims.  He doesn't have any supernatural talents.  He makes testable claims that are blatantly false.  Until such time as he stops victimizing people, he, and those like him, will continue to be "targets". 

http://www.stoprobbie.com/ site is dedicated to stopping the abuse by psychics.  Much more on Robbie Thomas (who is not psychic) is available there. 


more questions than answers said...

After reading this post and having not been there in a while I took a little look around RT's website. Not surprisingly he already has info up on 2011's Paracon, now called Parafest (classy). Anyways if you have a chance to stop by there I completely recommend it. You can read about all of his guest speakers including an actor/comedian,singer/songewriter/psychic and my personal favourite a OUIJA BOARD SPECIALIST!!! I wonder where you would go to school for something like that ;)

Anonymous said...

ONE support responded after all this time? ONE?!

I wonder why police do not respond? After all they are supposedly his supporters - yet when called upon, they deny supporting Thomas, or knowing of him, or give him any credit whatsoever.

He's already ripped off charities and is again fooling the Americans with another "charity" donation.

Anonymous said...

It was probably robbie responding. He doesn't have any supporters.

Ryan Hulshof said...

I love that comments in favor of robbie amount to " But he is psychic, you guys are just jerks. ".

If there was real evidence, his supporters ( well, supporter is a more accurate term.) would be able to present it. But instead the tired, stale, tedious, refrain of " well you are just jealous. " gets busted out.

To the person who wrote the letter, if you happen to be reading this. What you said, is the same thing said by every supporter of every psychic, ever. And do you want to know why? Because there are never any facts to back up the claim. So people like you are left holding a bag of crap, with nothing else to say other than " well, you must be jealous. ".

Doesn't it seem a bit hollow? I mean, anyone who has an ability can prove that ability, it is just the way things work. Robbie wouldn't have to rely on people like you if he could prove his ability. He wouldn't leave his self defense to the people who already pay him money ( not a lot of people, but people none the less) , he wouldn't squeeze his fans further. He would show his powers in a situation that would prove he is not a talentless liar.

Anonymous said...

This is the person that wrote the letter supporting Robbie Thomas....at this time I wish to retract all that I said in his support. Since writing that, some things have come to light about him that has helped me to see that he really is a self-centered idiot. So at least now you know that it was't Robbie himself that wrote it.