Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2008 Was No Different

In 2008, Dave Boushy, complained about Motley Crue coming to Sarnia - here is an open letter that was circulated via email. Don't call the councillors, you'll interrupt their bible study.

I went to the city council meeting on Monday because I wanted to know more about the Bayfest noise concerns and because I love our waterfront and happened to be walking downtown shortly beforehand. What happened at the meeting absolutely amazed me. Dave Boushy suggested that council should have some control over who performs at Bayfest and, even worse, went so far as to suggest that people not attend motley crue because all he can picture is “pornography”. Jon Mceachran supported Boushy’s request that council look into whether or not they could do so.

I have never been a fan of Mr. Bradley (as you all know) but the guy actually made sense at this meeting. Maybe he knows where his bread comes from with Bayfest possibly bringing the biggest cash infusion to our city since he first got elected.

Mike Kelch, our guaranteed source of reason, spoke eloquently and intelligently when he said that he doesn’t think that the city should determine who plays at Bayfest just as it should not determine which religions are involved in Gospel by the Bay. Heck, his point couldn’t have been any better. Boushy was concerned that Motley Crue would come to Sarnia and possibly have sex with some consenting adults. Surely that is worse than a religious cult forcing underaged girls to have sex with middle aged men (FLDS), priests fondling little boys or countless evangelical churches and even televangelists milking poor and/or susceptible families out of their money.

I don’t know if Mike Kelch was saying that religion is far worse than Motley Crue but I think that he may have been making the point that religious whackjobs (many exist in Sarnia) have no right to decide what is right for other people.

The reality is, folks, that fools like Dave Boushy and Jon Mceachran are pushed around by (or are part of) the religious idiots and are threatening something that many of you enjoy and what Sarnia really needs – Bayfest.

I don’t go but that is my choice. It isn’t my thing but who am I to tell you that because I don’t like it you can’t or shouldn’t. Let the market decide who they want to see perform at Sarnia Bayfest or Sarnia Bayfest may just find another home. One of the guys sitting beside me at the council meeting said “this is ####ing foolish, Sarnia needs Bayfest a lot more than Bayfest needs Sarnia”. He’s right, it isn’t like Bayfest can’t find another piece of grass to set up on. I bet Point Edward or Wallaceburg or Chatham would love to have them.

If you want to enable the free market to thrive, support things you enjoy. Don’t tell people what they should or should not like. If you like the bands at Bayfest – go to Bayfest. If you like Motley Crue, I think this is your chance to tell the idiots on council that NOBODY should be able to tell you what you should or should not like – Buy a Motley Crue ticket to Bayfest and encourage your friends to do the same. I just bought two – I’m going to donate them to someone who gave all their money to the church and can’t afford to go! (I’m not going to tell you to go buy your ticket at Coffee Lodge but that’s where I got mine and I got a great sandwich!)

Voice your opinion, let Dave Boushy and Jon Mceachran know that you don’t think the city council or the religious fanatics should control what we like or don’t like!

I didn't edit this original letter. The author remains anonymous.

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