Friday, April 17, 2009

Michael J. Fox (of Sarnia) - Unedited

I am not making this up. The truth is truly funnier than fiction. Apparently the bible knew that Barack was going to be elected and that the economy was going to fail as it did, when it did.

That's what Michael J. Fox of Sarnia tells us anyway. The bible might be giving Nostradamus a run for his money. (In case you believe in Nostradamus' predictions, I encourage you to start thinking - and, possibly, read The Mask of Nostradamus by James Randi.)

Michael J. Fox, in a recent letter to the Sarnia Observer, says:

Sir:With turbulence in world financial markets, small investors are understandably concerned about the safety of their deposits and investments.
However, the current situation is more than just a financial crisis. It signals an impending irrevocable shift of global power. The age of America's dominance as the world's financial superpower is coming to an end. The damage to America's standing in the world community as the result of the current crisis will be irreversible. Government intervention in the U. S. economy and the nationalization of financial institutions defies the principles of free capitalist markets. The inherent weaknesses in America's economic system are being exposed, just as were those of the Soviet system.

The American system operates on the premise that capital markets will be self-regulating to everyone's benefit. The result of this premise, as the current financial crisis clearly demonstrates, is a predatory capitalism where some seek quick profits, using greed techniques like short selling, leveraged buyouts, speculative hedge funds, etc., that provide no real value.

For years, American administrations seemed to be schoolmasters, lecturing other countries on the virtues of sound financial planning, budget deficits and related issues. However, the United States did not practice what it was preaching. Overspending and the burden of unforeseen military obligations have led to an unprecedented increase in the federal budget deficit.

At the end of September, the U. S. national debt exceeded $10 trillion, for the first time in history. By Jan. 6, then- President-elect Barack Obama warned Americans of the likelihood of trillion-dollar deficits for years to come, due to government spending and lowered revenues from a battered economy. Yet he is now, as president,
advocating vast overspending through what is claimed to be an emergency stimulus

For 40 years, former U. S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has championed unregulated capital markets. "I made a mistake," Greenspan said in recent Congressional hearings, "in presuming that the self-interest of organizations, specifically banks and other financial institutions, were such that they were best capable of protecting their own shareholders and the equity in the firms."

All the lessons of history tell us that the loss of economic discipline destroys nations and people. America was once the greatest creditor nation to nations around the globe. It is now the largest debtor in the world.

The United States is sliding toward a national debacle. Bible prophecy foretells that it will happen. The signs are growing ever more obvious.

But America will not be done. Eventually, every nation and empire on this earth will collapse. God revealed through the prophet Daniel that this will occur.

The God of heaven will set up his kingdom which shall never be destroyed. It shall break in pieces and consume all the kingdoms on earth. At the End Time, His kingdom will last forever.

For more information, read your bible.
Michael J. Fox Sarnia

I don't even know what to say about this - I've responded to a previous letter from Michael J. Fox (Sarnia) in December. He is a deluded fool with, apparently, no limit to his imagination. It's a shame that facts and truth don't get in the way of his horrid rants.

As a friend commented, "if there was a mushroom cloud destroying humanity, he would see a silver lining in it."

If his bible actually predicted this (it didn't) and predicts such horrible things in the future, it's not a god worth worshipping. If a god like this does exist, Michael better hope that he picked the right one. (You should pack some Astroglide just in case, Michael.)


Unknown said...

It is unfortunate that when trying to google some kind of atheist community in sarnia this is what i discovered (Fox's argument, not your blog, which is good) ... guess i'll have to be the founder and sole member.

sarniaskeptic said...

Trevor - contact me at - there is a group that meets in Sarnia. We'd be happy to make something more formal.