Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Psychics: Prove Yourself (What? You Can't?)

I was just reading a recent article in the Toronto Star about the missing "Tori" from Woodstock. Apparently a person, who wishes to remain anonymous, has come forward to offer to pay whatever ransom is asked as long as Tori is returned safely. Great news for Tori and her family (if that's what the issue is).

HOWEVER, how the offer came about reminded me of a comment that Ben Radford said regarding psychic investigations - more about that in a minute.

A limo pulled up in front of Tori's house with someone who claimed that their boss was wealthy and wanted to help. When the limo appeared, though, Tori's mom thought it was going to be Sylvia Browne. And why not? Who better to have involved in something like this than a, failed and useless, psychic?

If psychics were really "psychic", you would have 100 psychics submitting, to the police, the EXACT same information on the crime and it would be solved. Really, if psychics were as good as they claim to be, we wouldn't need to install surveillance cameras, to lock up our valuables or even worry about mistaken identities, DNA testing, fingerprinting. What a different world we would live in.

The fact (yes, FACT) is that psychics possess no supernatural abilities and therefore are, at best, guessing and, at worst, making sh*t up when it comes to psychic investigations. They divert resources from real leads, provide false hope and, at times, cause more harm.

Ben pointed out that "psychics" shouldn't be talking about cases they solved in the past as proof of their abilities, and that there are MANY MANY cold cases out there that are waiting to be solved - prove your abilities by solving them. (They won't because they can't.)

(The links I provided are to - a site that is active in exposing Sylvia Browne as the fraud she is. There is much more to be found there!)

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UnDelusional Realist said...

The popular TV show "medium" is very entertaining and suspenseful. Sure, it would be nice if there were such persons with those abilities BUT there isn't. Get Real people! There are no psychics, no telepathy, no precognition, no retrocognition, no intuition and Psychokinesis, no ghosts, no angels, no fairies, no santa or easter bunny and definitely NO GOD. There has been absolutely NO evidence of any of these delusions.

If you believe you have any of these abilities or proof of the existence of any of the above, then you may want to demonstrate it to James Randi and he'll give you a lot of money!

Sarniaskeptic is absolutely correct in saying that psychics are a waste of time the police should never accept anything they say.

People, Get Real!