Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Town Idiot Speaks (and Lies) Again

There is, apparently, a "Rev. Russell Murray" in Sarnia - though I can't find what church he is affiliated with. If there was a church of bullshit, he'd probably head it up.

Here is the two-minute back-story to his letter to the editor that I'm referring to.

Local city buses had advertising on them about 9 months being the length of time allowed for person to have an abortion in Canada with the implication that it does happen. Someone complained about the ad, the city took the ad off the buses and now "Pro-Lifers" (as if the other side is Pro-Death) are out in full force.

"The truth of the matter is that there are no abortions performed in Canada after 24 weeks of gestation. I would challenge you to find a hospital or clinic that is performing this procedure after 24 weeks, but it would be a fruitless effort though as it does not happen." (Shayna Hodgson, a director with the Morgentaler Clinics of Canada)

Even after the facts have been presented, Rev. Russell Murray sends a letter to the editor implying that we do, in fact, abort "unborn children up to 9 months".

Read it yourself - I don't care what you believe regarding abortions, we need to hold advertising to higher standards of truthfulness. The ad on our local buses almost encouraged people to consider a pregnancy knowing that they could simply abort it at any time. Is that the message to be portrayed?

Russell Murray, get your head out of your ass and consider letting facts interfere with your inane babble.

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