Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Psychic Solves Abduction/Murder Case

Yesterday I referenced a "paranormal conference" that is coming to the Sarnia area in August. The organizer for the event is "Robbie Thomas", a "world-renowed" "psychic". In the article that appeared in the paper, it claims that Robbie has "provided help in several criminal investigations, including the Victoria Stafford abduction".

What we must first consider, however, is the definition of "help" and I'm not sure that it was appropriately used in this situation. You see, "psychics" either have paranormal abilities or they don't. You can't "help" by providing inaccurate information (1-in-20 hits on vague information is less helpful than randomly creating "tips" using a common occurences written on torn-up pieces of paper that you pull out of a hat).

Just to update you on what has since transpired. Two people have been arrested in connection to the abduction and murder of Victoria "Tori" Stafford. A press conference is about to be held regarding the arrests. Since Robbie Thomas "helped" in this investigation, one of a limited number of things is now going to happen - and they are:
  1. Robbie Thomas will be standing at the press conference with the police and they will be crediting him with solving the crime (this is the most likely scenario given the claimed abilities of "psychics")
  2. Robbie Thomas will not be at the press conference but come forward with a list of things that he supplied to the police that, so happened, to match the evidence (but no police will confirm the story)
  3. Robbie Thomas will come up with some story regarding why he was completely wrong (psychics are great story tellers)
  4. Robbie Thomas will stay silent regarding the evidence (who wants to admit to being no help or that they don't have the powers they once claimed/still claim?)

To deal with issues relating to #2 (as they often occur in cases where "psychics" "help"), I am suggesting that Robbie Thomas, select new (unsolved) crimes and send ME ( the same information that he submits to the police at the time he submits it to the police and, after crimes the are solved (which they surely will given his participation), we will calculate the success rate.

Robbie Thomas could prove his abilities but the flip side, for Robbie, is that the truth could be revealed.

Robbie Thomas - you don't have psychic abilities and James Randi has a million bucks that says you don't. Stop wasting the time of our police forces, stop taking money from trusting people and stop misleading the public.


NathanColquhoun said...

Two things.

Robbie borrowed our church's camera to make his latest movie :) Thought that would make you smile.

I just read this, and I laughed... hope you can take a joke just so i don't have to put you in the same category as the religious fundies

sarniaskeptic said...

Nathan: Thanks for the post. What your post reveals is one of two things.

1.) Your church has too much money and has spent it on expensive equipment that many businesses can't afford.


2.) Robbie Thomas is far 'cheaper' in his spending than in what he charges.

As for atheists being funny, I agree and disagree.

Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, AC Grayling, Jerry Coyne, PZ Myers, Larry Moran and the countless other intellectuals (unfunny atheists) are extremely funny.

Most religious people don't see a lot of what they have to say as being funny - and rightfully so, it is offensive to someone who so strong believe in the fairytales that are being attacked.

Having said that, the truth is often not very funny and, at times, not comforting. Sometimes, at the expense of humour, it needs to be told just as it is.

As for me, the people who know me would probably consider me to be "funny", "fun" and "easy going". I can take a joke and, in fact, love to joke around.

Atheists enjoy life - we love life and feel lucky to actually be alive. It is for this reason that we hope religion doesn't survive - we want others to enjoy the opportunity to live, too.

C Woods said...

I read things like this and ask myself, "Who believes this stuff?" then I remember that some of the otherwise intelligent, well-educated people I work with do. One friend loves the TV show "Medium" and constantly tells me it is based on a real woman and it's all true. She also claims to see auras and that astrology is accurate. Another is into Reiki and crystals, and pyramids, and has changed her religion a half dozen times. I always think she is trying to find something outside herself that she can find within. Of course believing in god, prayer, etc, isn't much different and most of the people I know believe that. Sometimes I want to scream, but I know it will do no good. They believe because they want to believe. (My husband tells me I have an amazing tolerance for weirdness.)

Anonymous said...

We need a psycic opininion on a case, how can we get ahold of you?

Anonymous said...

Robbie is claiming that the family of the kidnapped child is supporting him. I don't think that necessarily makes him psychic but it could make him a manipulator.