Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Para (full?) Con hits the paper

I mentioned an event that is happening in Sarnia (not really in Sarnia, but right next door) in August that will have some of the world's finest (self-proclaimed) psychics meet at our local Holiday Inn. The event has hit the paper - http://www.theobserver.ca/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=1572935.

I'm not one for providing coverage of such an event but I think it is important that skeptics consider this a "call to arms" - we need to develop an approach to this event (and others like it) to counter what these people pass off.

If you have ideas, I can be contacted at skeptic@sarnia.com. We could possibly set-up a booth at the event and sell skepticism - offer books from Prometheus Books, possibly get some videos together from the likes of James Randi, Penn & Teller and maybe even snag Ben Radford to join us at the event (Ben, you had to know I was going to suggest it!).

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