Monday, May 11, 2009

With Evidence Like This, I Must Admit....

that Jesus probably did exist.

I know that for some time I've been questioning the historicity of Jesus Christ and up until recently I have found little (okay, none, other than the bible) evidence to support the existence of such an historical figure.

However, having recently read a book written by a trusted skeptic, I have to admit something.

If Jesus didn't really exist, would we be able to find parts of the cross that he was hung on?

If Jesus didn't really exist, would we find his foreskin?

Well, the evidence is in - if it is completely absurd to deny the existence of Jesus if you find his foreskin, then it must be 16 times as absurd to deny the existence of Jesus if we are able to locate 16 of his foreskins! Really, most men only have one foreskin removed, it'd take a god-man to be able to give up 16!

And the cross? They've found enough splinters from the actual cross that Jesus was hung on, as they say, to build a few log cabins! What does that tell you? There is not a non-god man in this world that could carry a cross that weighs as much as a few log cabins - it must have been Jesus/god's cross.

Add to all this, a few shrouds (including the shroud at Turin) and there is no denying the historicty of Jesus Christ.

(Note: Don't go claiming that the shroud at Turin isn't real, I saw Religulous and one of the people interviewed even stated that the shroud was in the shape of a man but only consisted of female DNA - something you'd expect since Jesus was born of a virgin! Oh - they even found jars of the Virgin Mary's milk - you can't make this stuff up!)

In case you want to know more, I encourage you to get your hands on the book by James Randi, entitled "Faith Healers" (you know it's more proof of god and Jesus' existence because faith healers must exist or there wouldn't be a book written about them). (Visit to get a copy!) If you're not in Sarnia, it's available on too.


Bible Prophecy on the Web said...

The Shroud of Turin -

John 20:5-7 (below) does not depict that Jesus was laid in the sepulchre in a SHROUD. Jesus was laid in the sepulchre in linen CLOTHES. Separate from the clothes a NAPKIN that was wrapped about Jesus’ head lay in a place by itself.

Based upon the Scriptures, I believe the shroud imprint is not that of Jesus.

It is interesting to note that Jesus’ earthly grave clothes did not enter into eternity with Him.

Jn.20:5 And he stooping down, [and looking in], saw the linen clothes lying; yet went he not in.
Jn.20:6 Then cometh Simon Peter following him, and went into the sepulchre, and seeth the linen clothes lie,

Jn.20:7 And the napkin, that was about his head, not lying with the linen clothes, but wrapped together in a place by itself.

Patricia © Bible Prophecy on the Web

C Woods said...

Finally, the proof I needed to believe.

Great post, even if your tongue was firmly in your cheek.
I'll have to find the passages in Mark Twain's "Innocents Abroad" where he tells about all the pieces of the cross and the crown of thorns, etc. he was shown on his first voyage to Europe (1867, I think.) He also mentions that outside every cathedral were dozens of street beggars. He wondered why they didn't rob the churches.

I liked the vatican priest in Religulous who said something like, "We don't believe any of that stuff anymore."

sarniaskeptic said...

Patricia - are you f#$king serious? I have to assume your post is just as "tongue-in-cheek"ish as mine.

If not, please accept my (sincere? nah) apologies for blatantly pointing out your absurd beliefs.

Jesus almost certainly did not exist and the bible is the greatest evidence to attest to such.

A simple excerise (your brain could use it) for you that relates to your post specifically. Read all of the "Easter" stories and provide a timeline of events that happened and what happened. You can't reconcile it. Overlay the (over 5) stories and you'll quickly see that they are just that, stories.

Are there more than 5 stories, you say? Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul and references in the Gospel of Peter.