Friday, May 15, 2009

If it wasn't for CNN, I wouldn't have known!

Bart Ehrman isn't the anti-christ! (At least, that's what he claims!)

I don't believe it takes any sort of scholarship to realize the bible isn't true so I'm not sure this deserves to be a headline on CNN. However, there are many people who actually believe that the bible is true, that Jesus (who probably didn't exist) was actually resurrected and other unbelievable (literally) things - and many of these people would, otherwise, be considered intelligent people.

Bart Ehrman (the non-anti-christ), is a former fundamentalist who (seriously) went to Princeton Theological Seminary to become a college bible professor. There, having actually read the bible, he realized that it probably wasn't as true as he first thought it was (shocking!).

He has recently released a book about the bible being, for the most part, a forgery and THIS IS NEWS? (Former fundamentalist 'debunks' bible)

It'll be a long time before a book is written that says "the bible is true and here is the evidence for it" - well, at least before we see one that is full of something other than lies or blank pages!

I know that my wife thinks I should be a bit more respectful to believers but that hasn't worked and isn't working. We need to call a lie a lie and we need to STOP giving religion such undeserved respect.

God almost certainly does not exist and your religion is no more "true" than any other myth (that was once considered a "true" religion - which includes pretty much all of them).

Our morals don't come from the bible, you don't need religion to be good and the world isn't a better place because of religion. Religion is oppressive, it is harmful and it is MAN made.

And for religious people who are raising young kids, stop lying to/abusing them!

On that note, have a great freethinking weekend!


C Woods said...

You just wrote exactly what I think. I usually don't have the nerve to say that to people ---and besides I would probably be wasting my breath ---but I swear, religious people are delusional or afraid. Some very smart people I know swallowed the religious dogma whole. For some, I guess brainwashing is just terribly hard to throw off.

Anonymous said...

Frack Religion and all its followers. It is about time you stopped being so nice to those delusional people!