Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rev. Russell Murray - Go F#$k Yourself

By that, I mean, don't do as many of your cohorts do (molest young children).

Let me first start by saying I searched for what church/cult "Rev. Russell Murray" belongs to - but nothing, quickly, came up.

Yesterday, on April 1 (big day for us, apparently), this letter to the editor appeared in our local paper. (This link will eventually stop working.)

Sir:The next national holiday on our calendar should be a special day for all those people that are "not of faith" and feel left out because of all the religious holidays that we have in North America.

The book of Psalms states that the fool has said in his heart there is no God. For atheists who didn't realize they had a yearly day to celebrate, April 1 is your day. Take pride, enjoy.

This is indeed a holiday for all atheists to celebrate -- April Fools Day.

Rev. Russell Murray Sarnia

Now, few things really piss me off (but those few things occur often, I must admit) but one of those things is stupid people speaking publicly with conviction.

Mr. Murray is one of those stupid people. April 1 is NOT a national holiday. What makes him appear less stupid is when you read between the lines - he is RIGHT - the NEXT NATIONAL holiday will be celebrated by fools (and I mean that in the nicest way) - followers of the Christian faith - Good Friday.

I will admit, it is a good Friday - any Friday that is a holiday = a good Friday.

Any time a person uses, as their sole reference, a book that is (more correctly that they wish was) 2000 years old, holds little (if any) truths, and has been used to oppress, abuse and control the masses, for the purpose to offend others, they are immediately identified as idiots. Congratulations Russell Murray.

Why our local paper, The Sarnia Observer, would publish such rubbish is beyond me. Congratulations on speeding up the demise of your paper.


Call me Paul said...

The correct response to these people who like to throw around Psalms 14:1 is to direct them to Matthew 5:22.

NathanColquhoun said...

hey thanks for your comment on my site, I didn't know this site existed but I'll look forward to reading it, and maybe one day meeting up with you since we happen to be in Sarnia.

Unknown said...

Wow. What an ignorant man.

This reminds me of Ray Comfort, the televangelist.

Indeed, a letter like that deserves a rebuttal. Perhaps somebody can write to that paper.

Of course, if they're willing to print that, I don't know how willing they will be to print a counter statement.