Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bananaman Strikes Again - And you wonder why we're pissed? (Updated)

Okay, so atheists aren't really pissed, we're generally not strident and we don't kill people because of their beliefs (or lack thereof).

There is good reason for non-believers and rational thinkers to get upset with the antics of people like this. Believers, too, should be standing up to the inanity that is the bananaman and his cohort Kirk Cameron.

Bananaman and Kirk Cameron, on November 19, 2009, are going to distribute copies of Origins of Species by Charles Darwin for free to university students - 50,000 copies! The problem is that the copies will be prefaced with a 50 page intro that claims Evolution has never been proven and even suggests that Darwin helped inspire the Holocaust! The second catch is that it is an abridged version - cut to about HALF of its original size by their ministry.

The 50 page intro can be found here:

To understand how valid the arguments are in the 50 page intro, you'll need to first watch this video and then their introduction.

Well, I have read the 50 page "intro" that is going to be included in the copies of "Origin" that they're going to be handing out.

There is absolutely nothing surprising in it - it is exactly the same bullshit that Ray Comfort has spewed before (it is the exact same bullshit that has been completely torn to pieces by thousands of people already). Ray Comfort is great at quote mining, making shit up and lying with a straight face.

I suspect that much of what is said in there will come as a real surprise to most Christians (and definitely all who follow any other religion).

Some major points that have been made and, apparently, need to be made again:
  • Hitler was not an atheist.
  • There are transitional fossils (really, every fossil is transitional).
  • No thinking person claims that there is no god - there is no evidence to support a god but it is not intellectually sound to say "There is no god". However, the literal god of the bible does not exist.
  • Evolution of the eye is explainable and evidence supports the predictions. Humans do not have the "best" eyes - humans of today would design a better eye (what does that say about an all-knowing god?)
  • Atheists do not claim anything - but a non-belief
  • Who claims that everything came from nothing? (Ray claims that "atheists" believe that everything came from nothing - but isn't that what he's suggesting? God had to come from something and we know designers are exponentially more complex than the objects they design so everything plus some had to come from nothing.)
  • Was Darwin a racist?
  • Fossils are not the strongest form of evidence in support of Evolution but that evidence, alone, is enough for us to conclude that Evolution is a fact and natural selection is the most likely mechanism that drives it. Consider Why Evolution is True or Richard Dawkins' about-to-be-released The Greatest Show on Earth.


Anonymous said...

Found you on twitter and started following you.

You claim that math is your "subject" so by what percentage do you think that Ray Comfort is more dumb than Michael Shoesmith?

sarniaskeptic said...

Anonymous: Are you looking for an equation of some sort?

Really - multiplying anything by 0 gives the same exact result.

To be honest (something I don't think Ray Comfort is), I think that Ray Comfort is intentionally presenting things that he knows are lies.

Michael Shoesmith, on the other hand, I suspect actually believes the stuff that he spews - not because he knows what he's talking about but just that he has copied someone else's arguments that he thinks (I use the term loosely), because they are too confusing for him to figure out, must be good.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, Michael's copying skills are about as good as his comprehension skills so what he ends up delivering as an argument is even more garbled than you'd get if you put the individual words in a hat and picked them out one by one.

Ad hominem attack on Michael? Maybe. However, one would have a hard time suggesting that I've avoided debunking his claims because, as you can see, he's yet to make a coherent one.

NathanColquhoun said...

athiest's nightmare is one of my alltime favourite videos...haha, so glad you posted it.