Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What is so convincing?

The method that people come to believing in gods is intriguing to me - especially when these people were not brought up in a religious environment. I have great difficulty in understanding how it is possible for someone to believe in a god (especially the god of the Abrahamic religions) but, oddly, people actually do.

If you are a "believer", I'm curious to know what it is that brought you to the beliefs you now hold today. Were you brought up in the religion that you now adhere to? What is so convincing that you hold firmly to such beliefs?

As a "believer", what would you tell to a non-believer to convince them that your god exists and that he/she is the right one to believe in?

What answers would you have for questions that a non-believer might present?
- What do I have to gain by believing in your god?
- What do I stand to lose if I don't believe in your god?
- What evidence exists for your god?
- How do you explain suffering?

What answer would you have for questions that a believer of another faith might have?
- Are we not simply worshipping the same god?
- What is it about other gods that you don't believe in them?
- Why should I believe in your god? How is your god better than my god?
- Is Jesus not a false prophet? (Islam)
- What makes you believe that Jesus even existed? Why do you think he was divine? (Judaism)

I'm looking forward to your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

keep your negative bullshit to yourself

psyhics do have special powers my son was diagnosed with a heart prolem before he was born by a psychic and you cant tell me that she just guest at it

dont be such a cry baby cause you dont have what they have your goin burn in hell for what you say about my god and believes

sherwoodskeptic said...

Anonymous...I don't see any negativity in this post, just a few simple questions. Some people get agitated when you ask about their religion/beliefs, as though this is one aspect of their lives that cannot be questioned, yet are vocal in telling everyone else what they should or should not be doing, based on their particular beliefs or interpretations.
Your butchery of the language should be considered blasphemous. I'm not sure whether the "psyhic" delivered your son or was a "guest" at the event.

Your butchery of our language should be considered blasphemous

Anonymous said...

First time reader of your blog and I have to say "wow". Why do you hate God?

God doesn't need you to believe in Him for Him to exist.

Open your heart to Him and you will feel His presence. It will be undeniably strong. God has a special place in Heaven for you if you accept his Son and follow the word of the Lord.

God bless you.

sarniaskeptic said...

Well.. not quite the responses I was expecting. (First of all, I didn't mention psychics in this posting and secondly, I don't hate things that don't exist.)

SteveP said...

I came to the blog via your twitter "Why do you believe in god?" but it sent me to your general blog and not this particular article.

In the future you should put a link to the blog article in particular. I use tinyurl but there are many out there.

I don't look at myself as a person of faith though I did attend Catholic school here in Lambton County.

I am glad that I followed the link but I will reserve comment until I read a few more of your articles. I am keen on following local blogs and reading what my neighbours are suggesting.

Anonymous said...

Are you on twitter finally?