Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Unicorn Delusion

Despite claims in numerous books and the personal testimony of countless people, the reality is that unicorns almost certainly do not exist*.

Oddly, few people will "flame" me for making that statement - likely because most people also agree with that assertion.

There is evidence for the existence of unicorns - one of the most popular books of all times speak of them. Countless people have had dreams that have involved unicorns and others have reported that they've seen unicorn shaped clouds in the sky.

Despite all of that, logical people will say that unicorns do not exist and that simply dreaming about them, reading about them or seeing an imaginary image of one doesn't constitute proof of some thing's existence. I'm sure you would agree.

*Nobody can, honestly, claim that unicorns don't exist - so "almost certainly" is an accurate statement. There is no evidence to support the existence of unicorns, fairies, dragons, talking snakes, men living in huge fish (or whale) for three days or, for that matter, any personal gods - yours included.

I figured I had to write this blog because of people claiming that we spend a lot of time arguing about the non-existence of something we believe does not exist. Just as we tackle believers in ghosts, alien abductions, psychic powers and other non-existent things, if you argued about the existence of unicorns, I'd, to be consistent, say you were deluded about that too.

Oh.. and the book that talks about unicorns also talks about talking snakes (talking donkeys too!), dragons, men living in huge fish (or whale) for three days - the Bible. Outside of the Bible, there is support for many things that we know, today, to be non-existent but the Bible tops it by adding one more thing that has no other supporting evidence - Jesus. Chances are.. if you follow.. that Jesus may be just as mythical as the unicorn.

(Note: I say "giant fish (or whale)" because the King James Version of the bible says "whale" and the New International Version says "huge fish". It is important to make that distinction because a whale is not a fish. Surely "Mr. All Knowing" knew that?)

If you took offense to what I have said above, you might be interested in the Talking Snake Theory.

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