Friday, September 11, 2009

If you bring "god" into the arena, it's game on!

It is probably necessary for me to clarify a few other things about atheism, anti-theism and proselytizing.

I am atheist - that means that I don't believe in gods. It does not mean that I believe that gods do not exist, by definition. I am willing to suggest that I do not believe in gods as most people define them and if you want to know if I think your god is imaginary, simply define your god (Hint: I probably do.).

I am an anti-theist in the sense that I do not believe the "good" of religion outweighs the "bad" that comes from it. I am anti-theist because I think oppression in any form is wrong and anything that interferes with the quest to end human suffering (science based medicine, for one) needs to be discouraged.

I firmly believe that it is important to counter woo-woo wherever it presents itself and I feel that there are very few instances where that shouldn't be the case. I'm not suggesting that people go so far as to stand on street corners and push non-belief nor do I think one would be successful if they steered every conversation they had towards a discussion about non-belief.

Religion and god-belief have been given a free ride - an undue level of respect and I think myths and falsehoods will continue to be spread until we are all ready to accept that we should be ready to defend anything that we present as true.

It is necessary to be pretty clear about what I mean - if you bring "god" into the arena, it's game on.

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Richard said...

Great suggestions. I avoid speaking out when people want to say a prayer before their meals.

Other than that you're right.